Why doesn’t God reveal more?

A friend came to me last night to discuss a concern on her heart. She was worried about someone who had died and she was sure wasn’t a non-Christian and just wasn’t sure what to say to children who would ask “Is he in Heaven now?” This is never an easy question, but I said it would be best to tell the truth as far as it is known. It would also be best to remember that we don’t know a person’s heart so we cannot be definitive.

This got into the question then of why doesn’t God give us a second chance after death? She told me that she had talked to several pastors and she just hadn’t been able to get an answer and one asked if she was even being deliberately hostile. For the record, this really saddens me. Pastors. If you can’t answer a question, go on and admit it. I think the average skeptic would be pleased with “You know what? That’s a good question and I don’t know. Give me a few days to look into it and think on it and I’ll get back to you.” If you believe your faith is true, you should always welcome a question. It will allow you to grow deeper in it.

My answer to the question was based on who God is. What would happen if you were to stand before God after you died and you saw all of his holiness and awesomeness and knew you were standing before one who had the authority to judge you rightly. Would your love be genuine or would it be out of fear?

I have no doubt that God could convince everyone that he exists right now if he wanted. (I do believe also though that some people will come up with incredible ways to explain away what happens.) If God can do this though, then why isn’t he? This would depend on what God’s goal is.

I don’t believe his goal is to satisfy our intellectual knowledge. God is not a subject to be put in a test tube. This is simple for us to realize. Why does someone like me want a wife? Is it so I can study femininity? No. It is so I can have someone I can love and so I can have someone who will love me in a unique way no one else can.

God is looking for those who will love him and those who will love him freely. The Bible tells us that those who seek will find him. The time of seeking is now. Is the ones who are really committed to the search who will find him. Some might say “Well I haven’t found him yet.” First off, the story isn’t done yet. You might soon enough. Secondly, are you really seeking? You could be seeking a god you want and not the God who is really there.

I believe there is a fine line here. If God shows too little, then no one will come to him as no one will be able to find him. Have you ever considered how it would be though if he shows too much? Imagine this scenario my fellow men. A lady comes up to you who is quite exquisite in appearance. You are in a place where you are alone and chances are, no one will come by for awhile. She says “You look really hot. I’m looking for a man to love me. Do you think you love me?” As she is saying this, her hands are removing all clothing from her.

<> Honestly men, how many of us, even if we won’t do it, will at least be tempted to say “Oh yes! I’ll love you!” at that point? Why? Well, we have an incentive, but it certainly isn’t love at that point. There’s something else motivating that desire. (Geez. I can’t imagine what that could be.)

<> God’s the same way. He wants us to come to him not because of the benefits that he’ll give us, which there are some.  There are benefits to the lovely lady as well. However, if you go for just the benefits, then you are not really going for the person.  God is to be sought for who he is and not for what he does just as the lady is really to be loved for who she is and not what she does. (And it really breaks my heart ladies to see you so many of you lose yourself to a guy sexually because he wants you for what you do and not what you are.)

Today then, I urge you to seek God. Seek him while you are able to seek. Trust in the promise. If you seek him and I mean really seek him, you will find him.

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