Talk Shows

During my first fifteen minute break on the job, I happened to go in the break room to find that everyone was watching a talk show. Now some, I don’t mind watching, but a lot of them just seem to chase after the most unbelievable in human behavior.

Chances are, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sex, lies, and videotape takes on a whole new meaning. Every man seems to be one who is cheating on his girl with as many women as possible and sadly, the women seem to think the best place to discover the truth is on national TV.

Of course, the audience always eats it up. There’s always a booing for the one they think is the bad guy and a cry when they hear that X has been cheating with his girlfriend’s mother or something of that nature.

You know what bugs me the most? I heard an older co-worker back there saying “This is America.” Unfortuantely, in many ways, I think he’s right. I think our moral depravity has reached that stage where we tend to celebrate the limits we can go to.

Imagine standing up on such a program and saying that you are an evangelical Christian who believes in Jesus Christ. You would be laughed at to no end. Stand up though and say you’re a homosexual activist or a married couple that found liberty in sharing sexual partners, and you will be honored as heroic.

I fear that what I see is a microcosm. These are sadly real people involved. These are lives that are being hurt and this is all done on national television. Maybe some people do mean well, but I am skeptical.

If anyone wants to see the fruit of the sexual revolution and the moral relativism we have today, I think there is no other place to go to. I am saddened at what I see being said everywhere in America, and yet we Christians seem to be afraid to say what we ought because someone might get offended.

I would say some people need to be offended. The only way you can get some people to move is to step on their toes, and it’s time we Christians learned that we need to start stepping. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything. We will march for our cause, or we will be marched over.

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