Praying For You

This has been an odd night. I was going to write on one thing, but that changed suddenly upon a conversation I had clocking out at the time clock. I was standing there waiting for the time to come down. (I am OCD and don’t clock out a second early or late if I can help it.) A kind older lady was there who has heard about my aspirations in ministry.

She asked if I was in school and I told her that I wasn’t. I told her though that I plan to apply to a seminary soon and I told her where it was. All of a sudden, I see her look up and say “Lord. If he wants to go there, get him there.” I had to pause for a second to realize what had been said.

When I realized it though, my heart did feel a burst of joy. I had somehow touched this lady in such a way that she wanted to pray for me and wasn’t hesitant to let me know she was doing so. She asked me to pray for her also as that keeps her going. Thus, to all my readers, pray for this lady. I don’t give out names in my blog, but God knows.

It is such a joy though to know someone is praying for you and I thought about how our stories were intersecting. It seemed like an adventure was beginning. I had the prayers of a saintly lady to carry me through. Now I know other people are praying for me, but it brought a unique joy that someone I don’t know well was doing so. We expect friends and family to do so, but those we barely know to care for us in such a way is dazzling.

It is well-known that I am a Smallville maniac. I could just imagine the word “SMALLVILLE”¬† flashing across in my mind and hearing “Somebody Save Me.” (That’s the show’s theme song.) Yes. This is an adventure beginning. This is the adventure of living and prayer is an essential part to the story.

<> Thank you kind lady for praying for me. May I remember to pray for you also for I am not the best in prayer I readily confess. May others pray for me and may I pray for them as well.

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