Our Grief Today

Today, our nation witnessed the worst massacre in its history. Many of us were shocked around the Noonday hour to hear about a shooting on the Virginia Tech campus, but few of us would have thought it would turn into this. I spent much of today being around TVs trying to hear anything I could about what happened.

I have a lot of thoughts today about what happened. I’m not speaking of the political side or the side of how the events were handled or the number of gunmen or stuff like that. I will leave that to those in that area. I have a lot of thoughts on our view of suffering and evil and morality.

But that’s not for today.

One thing I’ve told people who I work with in this field and respect me is how to handle people in grief. I’ve said that if a mother comes to you and her son just died in a car accident and she wonders why God let this happen, that they had better not be a philosopher or an apologist at that moment.

She needs a friend at the moment. A friend and a minister and a counselor. She does not need a philosopher or an apologist. Now a few weeks later, you might be able to discuss such issues, but they are not to be discussed then.

Now I don’t know the people that died today, but I would like this blog to merely be a reflection on some possible scenarios so we can take to heart this tragedy and want to make a difference so it doesn’t happen again.

Let us pray for these people then:

For the son who simply wanted to go and get a degree and make the world a better place.

For the daughter who had hoped to fall in love with the man of her dreams and will now never get her chance.

For the young man who was about to pop the question to the girl he loves.

For the senior who was getting ready to graduate and face the world.

For the mother, whose daughter will never get to borrow the wedding gown.

For the father, who will never throw the ball with his son again.

For the young man, who never got to tell that girl in class how he really feels about her.

For the young brother, who will never go fishing with his oldest brother again.

For the young sister, who will never have girl talk with her oldest sister again.

For the Freshman, who was so eager to face the world.

For those who were lost, and do not have another chance.

For the teacher, who was just trying to encourage fresh young minds.

For the husband, who will never treasure his wife again.

For the wife, who will never feel that embrace again.

For the couple, who didn’t know their last kiss would be their last.

For the student at his church, who will leave behind an empty pew.

There are no doubt many more.

Friends. This hit home for all of us today. I’m not usually emotional, but I sure felt it writing this out. It reminds me how precious and valuable life is and how we can all take it so often for granted.

As you pray tonight, remember to pray for VA tech and all the families and friends involved.

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