Happy Plastic People

I don’t listen to a lot of music. I’m just really not a musical guy in that way. There is a lot of music I do like to hear though. I like the theme songs to some TV shows, such as having Smallville’s “Save Me” as my ring tone on my cell phone and I do like music from video games I’ve played for years.

When it comes to church, I’ll admit that I prefer the old hymns. A lot of what we listen to in CCM I consider fluff. Some of it, I consider outright heretical. I think it’s a same that Phillips, Craig, and Dean are sold in Christian stores when they deny the Trinity. The old hymns though had good music to them and good theology. I love listening to “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Especially when it says “God in three persons, Blessed Trinity.”

There are exceptions to CCM. This morning, I heard two of the girls at our church sing a song during the offertory by Casting Crowns. It’s called “Stained Glass Masquerade.” If Casting Crowns keeps producing stuff like this, I will be pleased. They are one of the rare “real groups” that I see out there. I’d heard this song before but seeing the words on the projection screens really hit home with me what was being said.

The song talks about us going to church and putting on these smiles because we can’t show everyone what’s going on inside. Why? Well, it’s church! Church is for good Christian people! Good Christian people don’t suffer like that. They don’t have doubts and problems and failures like that!

Casting Crowns is enabling us to take the mask off. We all go through that and the sooner we admit that, the sooner we’ll be able to face our problems and help one another. We’re told to bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. You can’t really do that if you can’t share those burdens. For the record though, I do understand. I wouldn’t share my burdens with the church as long as we put up this attitude of spirituality.

Spirituality…That’s part of the problem isn’t it? Francis Beckwith has said that when Christians argue, if they can’t win with facts, they’ll trump with spirituality. How often have I heard in a debate with a Christian when they can’t refute my argument, something along the lines of “Well you need to read your Bible more.” or “You need to be more in touch with God.” On a moral issue, I’ll be told “You need to learn to discern the spirits.” Translation: I’m more spiritual than you so I’m right.

Casting Crowns has it right though. While we’re playing and putting on faces, people are suffering. It’s not just those outside. It’s those within the church. If we are to be Christ to those outside of the church, it’s going to start with being Christ to those in our midst who are suffering.

I encourage you to join me then in working to change the church. Maybe we can then end this stained glass masquerade.

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