The Murder Experiment

Two teens were arrested today in Ausrtalia for murder. The shocking aspect of this story though is that these girls did this murder as an experiment. They were wanting to see if they would feel guilty if they murdered someone. In describing the act, they said that murdering this other girl “felt right.”

The only kind of responses I’ve received from the moral relativists is that this kind of thing happens. No. This kind of thing does not happen. A happening is more like a rain shower one day. The rain comes and the rain goes. What are we to say? Well, it’s life. People get murdered. No big deal.

Murder has existed before, but I think these girls have managed to show the bankruptcy of moral relativism. If all morality is to be reduced to feelings and then these feelings don’t say murder is wrong, well, we can’t really say murder is wrong. I have a friend who said that if you even question that you would feel bad about murdering someone, you should probably seek some treatment. He’s entirely right.

This is the bankruptcy of our world today. We have reached the point of what J. Budziszewski speaks about. We have to teach people the things they really know first. Why? Because some people have such little moral sense as to not even realize that murder is wrong and that human life is not to be treated that way.

Murder does evoke feelings in us, but friends, we don’t need those feelings to know that murder is wrong. We all know it is and I would like to see someone come forward who is ready to defend murder. (One wonders how quickly that person would defend murder if they knew a mafia hit man had their spouse or child or even themselves in their sights.)

The problem also is that you can logically wind up at this point from moral relativism. I see it as a perfect outworking even. On the other hand, someone take the saying of “Love God” and “Love your neighbor” and tell me how you wind up at murdering your neighbor.

Now someone will point to the Crusades or the Inquisition. Not good enough though. You need to tell me how you logically arrive at the Crusades or Inquisition from the teachings of Christ. You don’t. You get there when those teachings are misused. This is not to say I’m a pacifist, but I don’t believe all the wars involved are what we’d call “Just Wars.”

Friends. These two teenage girls could have lived near you. There could be more in your area. What are we to do? We need to return to morality. Some things are right. Some things are wrong. How many more need to die before we realize the consequences of moral relativism?

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