What’s Taught in the Classroom

Last night, a friend stopped me as I was getting ready to sign off. He wanted me to come to a chat where he was going to be discussing with some atheists. Apologetics isn’t his strong point so he asked me to come. I went and another friend of mine came and what I saw there concerned me.

I enjoy the discussion, but I believe we were talking with several youths and it made me sense the need of the youth. The questions started with asking if life has any meaning at all. There were several hints of moral relativism and the arguments were quite lacking. I think of the one who wouldn’t accept the existence of Jesus because secular sources at his time didn’t talk about him. (They did later of course, but such was common for the ancients.)

I recall one especially who I had a strong heart for. This one said that either God doesn’t exist or if he does, he hates us all. I think that one is really taking it seriously. That one is looking at the issues of life and is coming to the conclusions. I do not think they are valid, but I am glad that he is at least thinking.

Yet such was his heart. It makes me realize why so many young people commit suicide. We have created a vacuum as it is and that vacuum is even in the church when we tend to reduce faith to feelings and pragmatism such that even one like myself at one point in time felt that same despair while in the church.

This is a huge problem and the church needs to deal with it but we aren’t. Too many of our young people are screaming that we are irrational and sadly, in many cases, they’re right. The church is often quite irrational. Please don’t misunderstand me. Christianity is not irrational. We can be though.

Yet they are hardly rational themselves. I think about the rational response squad which what I’ve seen of them hasn’t impressed me, but these are atheistic teenagers working together, and while I think their arguments are weak, they need to be answered and dealt with for they are souls.

Not only that, these youths we see today are the future of our nation? What will it mean when we have a nation with no respect for authority, no belief in a judgment to come, and no belief in absolute morality? What will it mean when postmodernism finally hits the highest offices and everything is a grab bag with no truth out there?

Yet if we do not do something, this is our future. This is where we are going. We are going to a world that is more and more hostile to our faith. Now while I agree some persecution could do us good, I would prefer that we have the good without the persecution simply because we’d all realize that our message is true.

Why? Our future is at stake and souls are dying. Do you need any more motivation? If so, think about this. Take your closest friend who you know is a non-Christian.

Now take your concept of Hell whether it be a burning furnace or not.

Your friend is in there.

No way out.


Even if you believe that Hell doesn’t exist and God just destroys the wicked, then you still have something to think about. Your friend is gone forever.

Seriously, before you read any further, think about that. If you want to step away and come back later, that’s fine. This blog will still be here.  I’m even going to scroll way down before I continue in case you want to do that.

That is what you’re fighting for. That is a future. That is one soul. Now all of these souls are out there. If they win the day, it will only make our fight harder. If we win the day, then it will make evangelism far easier. Strength in numbers after all.

Friends. We need to do our jobs. We need to get cracking in evangelism. I love a good game, but this is the ultimate one and there is no reset button. Eternity is a long time to be wrong.

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