Here’s to you Melissa!

I was in our break room tonight and the NBC Nightly News was on. I don’t usually go political, but I can’t stand most news programs today. The media is extremely liberal and their coverage of Christianity is hardly friendly. I consider myself a strong conservative. I have friends who are not and are Christians, but this is just where I fall politically.

They told a story about a young lady who had been married and her husband went off to fight. This childhood sweetheart of hers from elementary school on died just eight months later. (I might have the time wrong. I’m having to do that from memory.) I was expecting to hear another Cindy Sheehan story.

What did I hear about this lady doing? She was enlisting in the army because she wanted to make a difference. She was training to go over and be a medic to help other people who are dealing with loss. I listened to that and I was stunned. This lady’s name is Melissa Garvin and I knew then that this was someone I wanted to honor by writing a blog about.

I thought what a contrast this was to Sheehan. I can see why a mother would grieve and be angry at losing a son, but that does not prove that the war is immoral or moral. People have been killed fighting for and against moral and immoral causes. I see Sheehan as one who played the victim card.

Garvin though has not. Instead, I was astounded. This girl looked incredibly young and in looking at her tragedy, was only thinking of a way she could help those who were over there. She didn’t make any statements about the war on whether she was for or against it. She only wanted it to be known that she was wanting to go over and help people who are grieving.

I don’t know about the faith of this lady, but I know what I saw tonight was greatly moving. I think the church can learn a lesson from Garvin. Too often, we retreat into our shells when the world gets hard and refuse to do anything. Garvin tells us a good way to act. Go out and make a difference still. She doesn’t care what the price is. She wants to make a difference.

Here’s to you Melissa Garvin! I salute you!

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