Thank God for Friends

I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately. Ever since I moved here, I’ve had to live life in a whole new way as I have a roommate now. (Dude. You are truly an awesome guy.) As I write this, I almost feel emotional as I think about how much I am blessed in my life and as I thought about what to write tonight I could only think “Thank God for friends.”

I don’t know if others have noticed it, but I believe I have changed here in huge ways and done things that I would never do before because I am out with a good friend of mine. I always know that whenever we go anywhere together, my friend has my back, and I have his of course. I can only speak from my perspective though.

Tonight, I worked late and because of that, I had to miss Smallville. That’s killer in my world. Now, my roommate couldn’t get my DVD-recorder working but something else matters more. He offered to try. I thought that was awesome. I didn’t have good news when I got home, but I know he was willing. (Which, if anyone can stream that to me, let me know.)

There is just something nice about coming home at the end of the day and being able to forget about everything because I have a friend here. We’ve spent much time going through an old Super Nintendo game together called Secret of Mana. It’s been years, but it’s totally different with a good friend. If I’m playing Paper Mario, he enjoys coming in and watching.

This isn’t just about my roommate though. That’s just the first example. This is about all my other friends also. When I was on an internet radio program recently, I had a critic making some disparaging remarks to me while I was speaking on the air and away fromĀ  the computer. I had no doubt that my friends were there and letting him have it. One of them has said that if he comes to the forum I debate on, she’s going to let him have it.

Okay. A sick side of me looks forward to it.

Those friends have been there several times. Each of them knows well how they have. I couldn’t make it without them. I told a friend recently that there’s one thing I’ve learned from RPGs. I could be the best apologist in the world and able to answer any question, but I would not be able to do so without my friends behind me. They make all the difference.

Thank God for friends indeed. Each and every night I pray, they are the first people that I think of. I pray God blesses them as much as they have been a blessing to me.

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