Unwanted Children

Last night, I saw my roommate start to engage in a discussion with a skeptic on unwanted children. I began thinking about that phrase. Of course, it is in the abortion debate. The point is that these children are unwanted, so the best thing to do presumably is to go on and abort them.

Naturally, they’re not unwanted. There are several families out there that would love to have children and due to biological factors, they are incapable. I know that some who already have children would be glad to take another child in before they would see one gey aborted.

However, let’s suppose a stretch took place. Let’s suppose that there really was a child on Earth and no one wanted to raise that child. What would that mean? Would the skeptic be right in that if that is the case, then it would be alright to murder the child in the womb, or maybe even out of the womb if no one wanted him or her?

And this, I believe, is the main point we need to get to. Already, we have assumed a utilitarian view of life. Life is good insofar as it is wanted. If it is not wanted, then it is not good. Are we going to come to this point though where we determine the value of life by whether or not it fills a need for us?

This removes human life from being good in itself. Human life is only good insofar as it meets a need in other human lives. Rest assured though that if such a move is taken, it will not be men that determine what value life has. It will be some men that determine what value life has and what lives have value.

We don’t need to speculate. It happened in Nazi Germany. It happened in the Gulag in Russia. It has happened everywhere power has come into the hands of those who do evil. It has also happened more and more when a nation gets away from God. When science becomes the answerer of all questions, we are more prone to viewing life this way.

It’s starting now in fact. The abortion movement is a start in that a baby can be murdered in the way because it is supposedly unwanted. The euthanasia movement is along the same lines. Life is not being seen as good in itself. Life is being seen as a means to a good for some people and these are the people we need to watch.

What can we do? Learn to stand up now. Learn to value life in itself. We can also speak out against abortion wherever it takes place. 4,500 babies are murdered every day. Each one of those lives is precious and valuable, and one baby being murdered in its mother’s womb is too many.

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