On Reproductive Freedom

In Morse’s book, she has a chapter on why Reproductive Freedom is an illusion. Now I plan to sum up some fine points that I saw all throughout that chapter. I say this very cautiously because I do know people that participate in this. My sister is on birth control and my friend who recently married has a wife on birth control I believe.

I have often heard it is hardest to give the gospel to those closest to you. It is the same with most any truth. I can’t say I’m in full agreement with the practice of birth control yet. I am open to argumentation, but the more I hear, the more I just disagree and I think Morse hit on the idea of why.

It is simply that we are not in control.

She points to women that want to wait and get married at the right time (Because that guy will automatically be there I’m sure) and then want to wait til their career is in a good position and they are making sufficient income before they will start that family. (Because that baby will arrive at the right time)

It’s not always so, and sometimes, it’s too late.

The idea of birth control only works one way. We think we are in entire control of our reproductive cycles, and the truth is that we are not. I cannot approach my wife on our honeymoon assuming she isn’t on some form of birth control and say “Here comes conception.” Yeah. She might conceive. She might not though. It’s not up to me ultimately.

Now we can change the odds today through various methods. Morse doesn’t deny that. However, we are still rolling dice. There is always a chance of conception with birth control. There is always a chance that there won’t be a conception even with fertility enhancements. It is not certain.

What we can be certain of though is the process. What does it take to make a baby? It takes sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. We have to have a way to bring the sperm and the ovum together. Now we have found ways to bypass that some, but the two parts are still essential.

I have seen several commercials lately for birth control pills and it always surprises me that they have all these happy families on them. It’s like saying “Try our pill so you can not have one of these for the time being!” We have come so far from “Children are a gift from the Lord” to “Children are getting in the way of my career and goals in life.”

Children can be an inconvenience. Yes. Even parents will tell you I’m sure that their children get on their nerves at times. Do you think though that a good parent would give that child up for anything? Not at all. We must remember that things don’t usually go according to our plans. If things went according to my plans, my life would be entirely different now.

Is someone going to tell me that if they have children, they’re not going to go out there and work as hard as they can to bring in the money necessary to raise that child? I doubt it. In fact, Morse indicates that married fathers make more money than single men do. It’s not because of ability so much as it is incentive. The married father has more of a reason to work than the single man does.

Of course, this can also get us to abortion. I’m going to come right out and say my opinion on this matter.

Abortion is murder.

I will also state a more important position for a Christian.

Abortion is not unforgivable.

No. You can’t undo what happened, but you can be washed of that sin. You can be forgiven. I know of women who are Christians who did have abortions in the past. They will stand up today and decry it. They will say that it is murder. They will also say that what they did was wrong. Then they will say they have been forgiven.

Yet why is it pushed so much today? Morse believes she has the answer and I think she makes a compelling case. She states that people are wanting sexual intercourse without consequence. One consequence they want to avoid is a baby. They don’t want a third party to possibly intrude on their fun.

In short, they want to be autonomous.

Dare I say it, if many could have the full pleasure of sexual intercourse and somehow do so without the other person, I’m sure many would.

My advice: Leave it in the hands of God. If you have children, great. Raise them to be a blessing in the world. If you don’t, then you can adopt or live a life with just you and your spouse and let that be a blessing to the world as well.

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