On Abortion

I don’t believe I’ve written much on this one, but I figured it had to be covered. I just wanted to get my basic stance out there.

First off, abortion is murder.

So what are you saying? If I aborted a child or encouraged a significant other in my life to do so, I’m a murderer?

To be blunt, yes.

Now for the good news.

It is forgivable.

Tonight though seems like a good reason to state why I believe that. It ultimately comes down to what is in the womb. If this is not a human, it really doesn’t matter. If it is a human though, then we cannot justify this act in any way. So is what is in the womb a human being?

Randy Alcorn has gathered much info on that. The information comes from a Senate hearing on the topic.


I will give some basic points though from my own thought.

First off, the baby has different DNA than the mother does. In that regards, it can no longer be said to be the mother’s body entirely. There is another body here. There is a third party. The question is, is that third party a human being or not? Again, I believe th above has answered that. Since it is, we cannot take its life seeing as it is an innocent human being.

Now let’s suppose though that we don’t know. I have often asked where this magical point is that the baby becomes human. Unfortunately, I have not been given an answer. There is nothing magical about the birth canal after all. So what if we don’t know when human life begins? We should leave it alone then. Why take the risk. If you’re hunting with a friend in the woods and see a rustling in the trees and think it could either be a buck or your friend, are you going to risk it?

Yet if you don’t know when life begins, are you not risking it?

Now some might ask about rape or incest. This is a hard situation. One must have full sympathy for a woman in this kind of situation. However, there is no justification in taking an innocent human life because someone else was a monster. What about the baby? The child can be put up for adoption, a great system that should be used more often.

Too often though, we know the reason is not for rape or incest. It is for convenience. It is the strongest form of birth control out there. In this, millions of babies have been murdered in America alone. How many great minds and discoveries could have been there if we had allowed them to live. It has led to the cheapening of human life.

Abortion has been called the silent holocaust. I agree.

One other situation needs to be mentioned though before giving final thoughts on it. What about to save the life of the mother. The best I have heard is someone saying “The kingdom of God is always about the stronger giving itself for the weaker.”

I will also say that while I am for the death penalty in some cases, that is not a contradiction. Taking a guilty life guilty of bloodshed of the image of God is not the same as an innocent baby. I wonder about those who don’t see the difference between a baby and a murderer.

Ultimate message today? We need to do our parts. Today, statistically, about 4,500 innocent babies died. 4,500! Most of us don’t have near that many in our churches! How long will the bloodshed last? What has Scripture said about those who shed innocent blood?

Today, I make the call. Let us do our part. Let us end the silent holocaust. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

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