Seeing God As Funny

This sounds like such an odd thought for me to type out. As soon as I typed out the title, I had to admit it sounded odd. Why? Because we don’t think about this much in church. When was the last time you heard a sermon about the humor of God? When was the last time you laughed at a strong point made in Scripture in a funny way?

Jewish humor had much exaggeration in it. Let us consider some statements Jesus made.

“Better to enter Kingdom of Heaven with one hand than to have your whole body thrown into Hell.”

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of God.”

“Take the speck out of your own eye before taking the plank out of your brother’s eye.”

Each of these statements and others, while making a point, would have been understood as a joke also. Doesn’t it make sense? Think about hearing a dry and boring preacher. Do you really want to hear them again? Crowds flocked to Jesus though. Now there was the bonus of miracles of course, but it could also be because Jesus was a fun guy and also when he preached.

Consider also that even before he ever did a miracle, he and his disciples were invited to the Wedding of Cana. Weddings are fun events. Could it be Jesus was invited because he was a guy people liked? Believe it or not, it is actually possible to enjoy a sermon. It is actually possible to have fun and laugh while making a valid and biblical point.

Now what about our view of God? If we believe Jesus reveals to us who God is, we’d better have a way to include humor in the portrait. I honestly believe that many times we look at God and think he is boring. It is a great tragedy in the church today that people get the impression that God is boring.

I believe it’s the opposite. It is not we who make God boring. It is he who reveals us to be the boring ones. He’s a far greater pleasure seeker than we are. He created a whole universe to invite others into his love and Christ is the one who went to the cross for the joy set before him.

We think God spoils our fun. No. If anyone spoils our fun, it’s us. God is not opposed to fun. In fact, his way is the most enjoyable way overall. That doesn’t mean that every second is spent in the time of your life, though I think with him in mind it could be, but in the long-term, the Christian life is the most exciting of all.

What we say of God is actually how we should see ourselves in that sense. God is not boring and if we think he is, the problem is with us. God does not want to spoil our fun and if we think he does, the problem is with us. We’ve blamed God way too long when we have no one to blame but ourselves.

And sadly, if we believe that about God, is that also what we’ve shown the world about him? Do you really see God as enjoyable or is he just practically lifeless out there? He just exists and he’s not doing much more than existing. Now I know I disagree with much people says he does, but he is far from non-active. He is the most active of all.

Oh Lord. Do forgive us for making you boring. May we see the joy that you have prepared for us and realize how essential it is to our Christian walk.

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