To Our New Church

Tonight, I am going to be writing another appreciation thread. My roommate and I wish to extend our thanks to our new church family. Again, he is away, but I do not believe he would really disagree with anything I have to say. We have found ourselves time and time again impressed with you and we look forward to each Sunday.

When we came to the church for the first time, we were pleased with the fellowship and people coming up to greet us. The first sermon definitely was one that we thought had meat to it and we could apply to our lives. We were able to start interacting with you from the very first day.

While we have a small community at the time, they are a close community. I think it is one of the closest I have ever been in.  We love having a church where the need of apologetics i is seen and regularly proclaimed. We’ve also enjoyed hearing accounts of missionaries overseas and how they have done.

We have been amazed with how you have treated us. In talking to my own mother about it, my words were that we feel like we’re being treated like the greatest thing since sliced bread. We were honestly shocked there wasn’t a marching band and fireworks the day we joined the church. You all are that complimentary and supportive of us.

We’ve especially enjoyed how you have a sermon and then afterwards, we have a time with more speaking on the sermon and then the floor being opened up for questions and discussions. It means that our preacher, and you are an excellent one, is willing to hope himself up to critique and have people even disagree on a point and we can all grow more in that way.

The staff in interviewing us for membership was extra cordial. We told our stories and then felt right at home. I do not recall any time at a church where I have been asked to tell about my story. Having that time as I ponder it indicates that you do have an interest in me and my roommate. We are not just numbers. We are members. We are persons.

We look forward again to every Sunday. We both eagerly anticipate doing all that we can do in the church to help it grow. We want to move forward and face any challenges that lie ahead. We want to support you as you support us. Any chance we have to see you, we want to take.

To our new church, we are in your debt. We came to you as strangers, and you took us in. I have felt a great sense of honor in being in your, no, our church. I believe with the minds we have there, we can do much. May we have some part in pushing our church forward to change our town and the world for Christ.

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