A tragedy of not seeing God

I’ve been thinking about the passage in Isaiah 6 some lately. You know it well I hope. If you don’t, it’s time to learn it. It’s where Isaiah has a vision where he sees the Lord high and exalted on the throne and the angels are there before him and they are singing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Isaiah is just stunned and says that he is a man of unclean lips who lives among unclean people and he must die for he has seen YHWH, the Lord of hosts.

Let us consider this. These angels are before God and saying one thing about him. He is holy. How often do we see God that way? Do we look at the God of the Bible and think “He’s holy.” Even worse though, if we do think that, do we think that’s a good thing or a bad thing? Has holy become a word that implies something that we really don’t seem to want to have?

Have we ever had times when we’ve thought about Heaven and thought it boring? In all honesty, many times, I’ve wondered about that? Do we ever think about God and see him as someone static? Do we ever see reading the Bible as a duty we’re supposed to do that we do grudgingly? Do we do the same with prayer and tithing and other such practices?

When you think of God, do you really get excited? Have you reached the point where you read about the incarnation and your mind is thinking, “Yeah. God took on flesh. Jesus died and rose from the dead.” Are you getting excited at hearing Jesus died and rose from the dead, or are you just hearing it?

I fear most of us are answering in a way that shows we are not excited. I also fear because I am the same way. The supernatural no longer seems to strike us as wonderful. Christianity has not been good news often but has simply been news, and most of us know if we want to have a good time, we do not turn on the evening news.

And I think we need to repent of this.

We need to ask God to show us who he is. I’m not asking for a new revelation in this. I’m asking that we really understand the revelation that has been given to us. I’m asking that we try to see God as he really is. If we get a thought of God that he is boring for instance or static, we need to throw that thought out.

One way we’ll get to the truth of God is to throw out that which is not true. In fact, it’s good to do this with any belief. If you are saying something that is false, then throw it out, be it about God, yourself, or anything else. We have a tendency to repeat lies so much that we believe them, like the ones that I have been mentioning.

And what a shame that we have done this with God. The thought of the truth of Christianity should excite our souls greatly. We should delight to think about it. We could spend so much time diving into this mystery, but we don’t. I fear we have reached a time when the wonder of the gospel has died on us.

This is what we need, especially around Christmas. We should be celebrating one thing mainly. The incarnation. This is the time we remember that it happened, but are we filled with wonder at the thought? The angels are standing at the throne of God and singing about how holy he is. Dare we disagree?

We all know if we were there, we would be acknowledging that God is holy and awesome and wonderful. Why? Because that’s true and we could not deny it. Could we deny it now? Do we have any reason to believe that it isn’t true now? If no, then we need to start living like that’s true.

We need to see the God who is there.

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