Prepare To Return

Alright. Tonight’s gonna be another night where my blog is going to be thinking out loud. I got home late last night and had to get up early for class this morning. I am not a happy camper when I know I have to get up early outside of schedule and I always end up getting up before my alarm clock wakes me up. Thus, I felt myself zoning in and out of reality in class today.

Well, we had an event afterwards that was about two hours later. I figured I’d stay and just read the whole time, which I pretty much did. We were to watch a movie pretty soon at it, but instead, we had problems getting everything set up. Thus, around 11:15, I have just walked in and I get up at 7:30 tomorrow morning for church.

Oh yes. After a week of vacation. I have to return tomorrow.

That thought is what’s on my mind at the moment. It’s been great to have a week off from a job I don’t like that doesn’t pay my bills enough. Instead, I have had more reading time and more time to just think. I’m not a socialite and my classmates have been enough social company for me. It’s been a week of getting to know new people and learn new things.

Tomorrow, I return again though. Granted I get the next two days off on the schedule and I have a class on Tuesday, but returning is not a pleasant thought.

However, as I ponder it, I am more developed now. Who knows what will happen? Maybe someone will ask me how my seminary training is going thus far. Maybe I will get to finally come to some conclusions based on what all was discussed in class. Those who know me know that I am a questioner and I have many questions raised as I seek to find the answers.

Yet I don’t know what the future holds. Why live as if I do? Tomorrow’s work, but who knows what could happen? I could have one of the most interesting Sundays of all in church. I could meet the girl I’ll marry someday. I could meet someone who will get me a new job.

I could even say something that will lead someone to Christ.

Sometimes, a lot of how we feel on circumstances is based on our approach and I hope my friends will remind me of this. Our emotions can cloud our interpretations of what goes on around us. Going back to my family for Christmas was an odd experience for me. Nothing really changed objectively, but my attitude changed. I’ve seen the same world through that attitude and it does look totally different.

What’s the secret? To learn to not be swayed by our emotions. To realize that this is God’s world. We are living in the world he has created and we should enjoy it. To not enjoy what has been given to us I think is a sin. It is an insult to the creator when we make his world boring in our eyes.

So I am wrapping things up here, but hey. I just heard the timer go off for my evening dinner and I need to get to bed. You enjoy yourself tomorrow. I’ll try to do the same.

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