You Have Some Amazing Friends

Last night, I’m watching Smallville seeing as I have time late at night and I didn’t have to work this morning. It’s the episode called Justice that is about the Justice League being in Smallville to deal with a plan of Lex Luthor’s. They’re not the Justice League by name yet, but they are a team of superheroes trying to make a difference. At the end, all the other friends go out on another assignment while Clark stays behind to deal with something else first. His good friend Chloe though says to him “You have some amazing friends Clark Kent.” (So many of us were hoping she’d say super.)

Now that’s a line that’ll stick. I knew then and there that I had the blog for tonight already set and indeed, I do. I do plan to write on the comment left on my blog from last night as it’s an important one and the lady who made it I know and I find her to be one who is quite insightful and wise.

I don’t know your response to me. You might be a regular reader who enjoys my blogs. You might be a first-time reader. You might be a skeptic who wants to strangle me. I have no idea. If you’re in category 2, welcome aboard. I hope you join the first category. If you’re in one, I hope you stay there. If you’re in three, state your case and I hope you can arrive in one.

I write my blogs alone. They’re not edited or proofread or anything like that. The content comes from my own studies and my own thoughts and listening to other people as well be it in personal conversation or in written format such as a book or an article on the internet.

However, what I do in ministry with even the ability to keep up a nightly blog is not me. That is in large part due to my friends. I would like to say that along with Clark Kent, I have some amazing friends. Now I have to write about my friends because I do not know you and I don’t know your friends like you do.

Readers also know a good friend of mine died recently. Another friend in response has made it a point to call me a friend when he speaks to me seeing as he doesn’t know if he will get that chance again. I like that approach. Thus, this is also my way of saying thanks to several friends. I can’t get to everyone obviously, but without them all past and present, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My roommate is first on my list. This is a guy who puts up with me regularly and isn’t related to me, which is proof that miracles do happen. This is a guy who like me, enjoys sleeping in, but when I had trouble with neighbors here one time and had my car damaged and parking situations going on which I won’t go into detail here, this is the guy who got up early in the morning, even before I did, and went out and got photographs for proof of my case. This is the guy who’s spent his time working on my computer to keep it running smoothly and has helped me with learning the fine art of cooking.

And those are just things done in the past few months. He would also know my great thanks to him for helping me with an incident in my life within the couple of years when I was hit with great anxiety suddenly and how he talked me through it. For a friend like this, I am grateful and when I think about it, I wonder why God blessed me with such a good one.

I think of my friend in Florida who got married in June. I think of the adventures we shared when we both lived in our old city and how he made me feel comfortable with myself in so many ways. I think about how his Dad was in the hospital and we drove there together at 6 in the morning to see him. (Remember, I like to sleep in.) I think of how my mother saw us both later in my room collapsed. I think of how when a church didn’t want me to teach a cults class because I hadn’t been through a training seminar that he exploded on them. I miss him still, but I know he’s still a friend.

I think of my old counselor who first got me to the point where I could move out on my own and then to the point where I was ready to move to another state. I still speak to him regularly and he’s very pleased with my progress here. One of the greatest joys in life is someone who thinks you can do more than you think you can do.

I think of a friend of mine with a gift of counseling. I used to see just a humorous side to him, but those days are gone and past. This friend is more serious than I gave him credit for. I hope he continues down the path of touching people with his heart of laughter, for I think there is no greater joy for him in relationships with other people than to see them smile.

I think of another friend of mine who has been like a mother figure to me. She’s hugged me when I needed it and whacked me when I needed it. She’s made it a point that she won’t let me or any friend speak bad about themselves. With me, that’s a full-time task, but she does it. She’s always been supportive of me and is already talking about the great things she expects to see me do. A friend like this is essential.

I think of the friend who came to visit me for a week in my old city and hung out at my place. It was my first real encounter with the roommate experience. This friend and I have shared a number of good conversations and have similar interests. I expect him to do great things some day as well.

I think of another one who is a big Smallville fan as well who I’ve had a number of conversations with. While we chat about Smallville and girls often, we do as well get into some great discussions on philosophical and theological matters. I trace one of the nicest compliments I ever got back to him.

There are so many more. I could tell you about the new people I’ve just met at the Seminary, including the staff, who are already showing an interest in me and that means so much. These are some of the people I’ve seen as heroes for so many years and now, I get to be with them on a regular basis and it’s excellent that while I knew them, now they know me as well, and I get to be blessed by hearing their wisdom in person.

I could talk about the people at my new church and my old church. My old church is the one that supported my move and were sorry to see me go, but helped anyway in taking up a love offering for me. My new church is always pleased to see me and when we have fellowship time during the service and shake hands, I know people are glad to see me. When the pastor greets me, I know he’s not just being courteous. He really likes to see me.

No. I may not have super speed like Clark Kent. I may not have Heat vision or X-Ray vision or ice breath or super strength or invulnerability or super hearing, but I remember an old quote of his when his powers got leeched. The person who got his powers didn’t get his best gifts. Those are his Mom and Dad. I do have one great gift Clark Kent has as well. I have amazing friends. I’m thankful for them.

Now it’s your turn. Go find those amazing friends and tell them you’re thankful.

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