Are you Biblically Literate?

I’ve been having some discussions with a co-worker on secondary doctrine. He found out about a stance he heard that he’s curious about because it disagrees with what he’s always heard, but he is saying that he can understand where I’m coming from and he wants to read the relevant texts before meeting and discussing it. I think that’s an excellent idea.

A concern enters my mind though. I’m a trusted teacher who does know what I’m talking about and is one who agrees with all in the faith that is orthodox. However, to my friend, all that I am saying is new. He’s not prepared to deal with it though. My concern then is, what if I was someone else?

What if I was the Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon knocking on his door instead? What if I was trying to show that he shouldn’t believe in the Trinity? What if I was trying to show that Jesus did say he would visit another little flock and that the Bible predicted the coming of the Book of Mormon?

We are unprepared because we are biblically illiterate. If the most that you have of the Bible is what you picked up in Sunday School, then you are not going to be ready. If you listen to programs of preaching that only tell you about how you should live instead of what the doctrine that you are to believe is, you are not going to be ready.

So I thought of some questions I might ask. I’d just like you to look and see how you do on these. Do you know your Bible well enough to answer these?

#1-How many books are in the Protestant Bible?

#2-Two books of the Bible are named after women. Name them.

#3-Who is seen as the father of each of the great monotheistic faiths?

#4-What is the main identifying event in the life of a Jew in biblical times? (Event in history.)

#5-What is the distinction between Judah and Israel?

#6-What genre of literature do Job and Ecclesiastes belong in?

#7-What kingdom conquered Samaria?

#8-What kingdom conquered Jerusalem?

#9-What year did the temple fall?

#10-Name 7 of the minor prophets.

#11-Name the four gospels

#12-Which gospels have the virgin birth?

#13-Which gospel has the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus?

#14-Other than the resurrection, what miracle of Jesus is in all four gospels?

#15-Show the deity of Christ from the statements of Christ.

#16-Show that Jesus is not the Father from the statements of Christ

#17-What church was the main headquarters of Christianity in Acts?

#18-What two apostles are the key figures in Acts?

#19-Who wrote Romans?

#20-Demonstrate the Trinity from the epistles of Paul

#21-What letter was written to Jews considering returning to Judaism?

#22-Who was Jude?

#23-What genre is Revelation?

#24-Demonstrate salvation by grace through faith using the Scriptures

#25-Demonstrate the bodily resurrection of Christ using the Scriptures

Only you know how you did, but I’ll leave it to you to consider. “Do I need to be better prepared in case the cults knock on my door?”

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