Thanks For The Prayers

Well readers who have been with me this whole week through my sickness, this is the first day that I haven’t had to lie down on our couch after getting up or wear my robe all day because I’m freezing. (At least thus far. I’ve had my robe on some, but never as cold as I have been. Also, I’d like to say this is Deeper Waters’s 500th blog entry so thanks to all of you who have stuck through the whole way and my sympathies for having to read 500 entries of my stuff.)

Last night though, I am lying on the couch and I am freezing. I’m in my clothes and my robe and I have two blankets on and I’m just feeling miserable. That’s when my roommate walks in and he talks about a conversation he had with the president of the Seminary. Then I asked him if anything else happened. At that, he mentioned three families at the school that are praying for me.

Maybe it’s selfish, but I really wanted to hear that.

It’s quite odd the things we hear sometimes when we’re in this state. My roommate would tell me how people would say to me “Get better.” We send cards to people saying “Get well soon.” Now I say the same thing to people when they’re sick, but isn’t it odd? We say it as if that’s within the person’s power. I have been pondering why we say such thinking there’s some deep mystery to the human soul there. Maybe there is and I just haven’t uncovered it yet.

There is a great comfort in knowing that people are praying for you though. I say that because I really have a hard time with prayer. It’s hard for me to lie down and just do it. (I have a steel rod on my spine. Kneeling for prayer is not a good position.) When I do it though, I sometimes think why I didn’t do it sooner. Especially because so many prayer sessions are great and really leave me feeling good.

Yet as I ponder others praying for me, I picture the throne of God being flooded with requests. People are bringing me to the throne because I also matter to them. I think that these were people who didn’t know me from Adam a year ago and now, they are integral parts of our lives. As soon as my roommate mentions one family name, I know who he’s talking about.

That’s something awesome. Have you considered what it would mean right now that someone is talking to God about you? Maybe they’re praying for your well-being. Maybe for your financial situation, for your love life, for your marriage, for your education, for your family, for your health. Maybe they’re even wanting to be a better friend to you.

I just get astounded as I think that to some people, I matter enough that I can be brought to the throne of God. I’ll admit in some ways, my emotions are not screaming awe right now, though I think they should be, but maybe that’s just not me. Intellectually, there is something there and I ponder if we could latch on to these ideas and really hold them and grasp what they really mean for simply seconds, how much better off we would be.

So for all of you who have been praying for me, I want to say “Thank you. I really appreciate it. It is an honor to be cared for by someone enough that they’ll talk to the sovereign Lord of the universe about me.”

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