Archaeology and the BOM

In the 18th chapter of the book of Acts, we read that Paul had some friends who were Asiarchs. Asiarchs?! What are those? The skeptics cried out for years!

Well, now we’ve found three other references to Asiarchs.

The same was said for Tetrarchs.

We’ve found other references to Tetrarchs.

Luke, the writer of Acts, the gospel of Luke has been seen as astutely accurate. Of course, not every problem in biblical archaeology is dealt with, but Luke is shown to be accurate with languages, coinage, geographical references, titles, and even the depth of seawater. It is quite fair to give Luke the benefit of the doubt if we think him incorrect.

The OT has several references to Hittites. For the longest time, it was believed that the Bible was in error on this point. There are no Hittites!

Well, we then found the Hittite library.

Archaeology has helped explain other aspects of Scripture. Why did Belshazzar in Daniel 5 offer Daniel the third highest position in his kingdom? Simple! He was a co-regent under Nabodinus. The third was the highest he had to offer!

It has even been said that whenever an archaeologist’s spade hits the ground in the Middle East, a liberal is converted. You can go to the Middle East today and see the biblical world and take home a piece of history. (And it’s one of my dreams to do so one day.)

What about the BOM?

There has not been a finding of a BOM city, person, artifact, inscription, Scripture, etc. The BOM speaks of the reading of the Scriptures and surely there would be some over here then, but so far, we have yet to find one. The people that lived on this continent, such as the Mayans, mention nothing about the millions of people that supposedly lived in their own backyard.

The Hill Cumorah was supposed to be a place where there was a battle to end all battles between the Lamanites and Nephites. The Lamanites were the winners. In all of this battle at Cumorah though, we have yet to find one single sign of such a battle. To make it more interesting, the Mormons do own the rights to that hill and digging could be commenced at any point to excavate the site. For some reason though, it hasn’t been.

Why could that be?

After all, if the BOM is true and this can show it, then would it not be best to go on and dig and demonstrate it to the world?

On the other hand, if the BOM isn’t true, isn’t it a service to every Mormon in the world to go and reveal that this is the case?

The truth is that there is no way whole cities and civilizations could exist over here with no remains left behind at all. There would be coins. There would be houses. There would be writings. There would be weapons. We’ve even found fecal matter that has been determined to be thousands of years old! Surely we would find something.

Instead, we’ve found nothing.

Could it be because we’ve found nothing because there’s nothing to find?


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