Was Women’s Lib A Good Thing?

I ask my female readers to please read this whole thing through before leaving comments about me being sexist or anything of that sort. I am not advocating the devaluing of women or the idea that women should be barefoot and pregnant. I am simply looking at our culture today with the homosexuality debate and our treatment of men and women and how we view marriage.

I think about this recently with a friend asking me about female athletes for instance. I remember watching several times when I was younger “A League Of Their Own.” I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I ponder now though, I wonder if it was really a good thing. What was trying to be established? What is really to be meant by women’s liberation?

Let’s get some things clear. Women are equal to men in that both bear the image of God. (I do believe we both bear different aspects of that image though.) I do believe biblically that a lady is functionally subordinate to the male, but that that is not meant to be tyranny nor does it say anything about the value of the lady. (After all, the Son is functionally subordinate to the Father.)

If Women’s Lib means that women are to cease being seen as sub-human, I’m for it. If it means they’re no longer inferior, I’m for it. If it means seeing that we’re all equally human, I’m for it. However, if it means that women don’t need men, or that women can do anything that men can do and equally well, or that women are superior to men, then I’m not for it.

If a woman is liberated, she should be liberated to be a woman and live out what the feminine lifestyle really means.

I have this strong belief that men and women are different. When a Harvard President made statements to show this, everyone was in an uproar. How dare he say men can do some things better than women! There is just one question no one seemed to be asking. “Is it true?” I will say there are some things men can do better than women. I will also say there are some things women can do better than men. Instead though, the response to Summers was “We don’t like it, so it’s not true!”

When I see society today though, I think we are increasingly trying to eliminate any distinction between the two. This is seen in the homosexual debate on whether we should allow homosexual marriage or not. I wonder how long it will be before we are pushing the idea of unisex. We are more and more wanting to show men and women are exactly alike. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

For instance, some of you might think I’m discriminatory, but I only date women. Is it because I hate men? Not at all! I live with one as a roommate and he’s my closest friend in this world. I know though that if the right woman comes along, he’ll be my second closest friend. He knows this also and I would hope the same would be true in reverse.

Sorry, but I just think women are a whole lot more attractive and my head turns definitely when I see a pretty lady pass by at work. I can look up and notice a beautiful lady at the opposite end of where I work and just be stunned for a moment. Again, the reason is that men and women are different and I desire those differences that are in the woman.

Looking back though over what has happened, it seems we’ve lost what it means to be a woman and a large part of this is in the abortion movement. If there is anything in this world that is truly feminine, it’s the bringing forth of new life in the world. Every woman should be honored at the thought of pregnancy in that she gets to be the one to bring into the world a new life.

Today, a new life is a hindrance to a sex life.

Isn’t that odd? Women get sick of being treated like just bodies and so seek to control their bodies through abortion and for what purpose? So that more sex can be had. Isn’t that having themselves treated as just bodies? Maybe it’s not by men, but it’s certainly by themselves. In fact, that’s even worse. If someone misuses you, that’s their problem. If you misuse you, that’s your problem.

It is a shame there is not delight in pregnancy. This is something only women can do and truly feminine. The best job any lady can have in this world is to be a mother. Instead, it is often seen as a punishment. A woman wants to work many times and in many cases, that can be a necessity, but if it isn’t, the best thing a lady can do is raise up the next generation.

My fear is that in the idea for women to be liberated, they have ceased to be women. In that case, it is not liberation. It is just imprisonment of another can. I fear today’s women have gone from being imprisoned by men, which I will say we haven’t always been saints to the women in the past, to simply taking over the jail cell and keeping themselves imprisoned.

Do we men play a part? Yes! We honor the women in our lives and we honor our femininity. Men that have treated women as sex toys have not helped. If a man treats his lady as anything less than a lady, he has devalued her. This can even happen in marriage. Because you both have rings on your fingers, you must never lose sight of who this is with you. This is a treasure of God.

Why do I question what happened in the past though? Because I believe that the envelope was pushed too far. We can take things that are good and push them too far. I am pleased with how far women have advanced in our culture and I cheer them on, but I do not wish for them to advance at the loss of their femininity. That is their gift from God and it should be honored by men and women both.

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