Thoughts On Independence Day

Seeing as here in America, today is the Fourth of July, I figured I’d write some thoughts on Independence Day.

Well, I thought the special effects were really awesome. The alien spaceships looked so realistic and the laser beam attack was just incredible. Of course, one wonders how everything was rebuilt at the end and we never did get the sequel we wanted. Still, I did enjoy this movie and I was glad that when it came out, that I did go and see it.

Oh wait.

I should probably write about the day and not the movie.

I really think our patriotism isn’t what it should be. I include myself in that. I haven’t really thought much about the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution today. For me, it’s been like another day off. That’s the kind of thing that saddens me. It’s me going through my day and thinking I should be doing more, but never doing more.

For many of us, it’s simply a day off and a chance to shoot fireworks. I can hear several going off outside my apartment, but unfortunately where I am, there are so many trees in the way that I can’t see these wonderous sights. Then part of me kicks in and says “Maybe you should appreciate the trees a bit more.” Maybe I should.

Still, do we really realize what happened? People died so that we could be free today. Blood was shed. Where I am sitting now, maybe within the past 250 years men were shooting at each other simply because they wanted to be free. How many people died in this area? How many revolts took place? What were the people on the street talking about? Was the thought of revolution beating in their hearts?

What stories were being told in the local newspapers? What sermons were being preached in the local churches? What influential people were around at the time that might have been household names then but who we might not know about at all today? How many men my age and maybe even younger signed up for the service because they saw there was a cause they were willing to die for?

Yeah. What about them? How many kissed their new brides good-bye as they went out to fight? How many of them forsook their education simply to stand up for freedom? How many of them never went hunting with friends again? How many mothers were up late at night praying for their sons? How many widows were made during that period?

And why aren’t we thinking about that?

This is something I’ve had to realize in coming to a new town. People were living here and doing things long before I arrived. I stepped into a story that was already in progress, much like being born in some ways. There was a story back there in time also though. That story is being continued today. How are the actions of those men and women affecting my life today? How are my actions going to affect the lives of people tomorrow?

Do I respect the price they pay? Are my future descendants and the future descendants of those around me going to look back on me as one worthy to emulate or one who brought shame? Am I going to leave the world a better place than I found it or am I just simply going to leave the world? We have independence today because some people took action. Am I going to take action?

And what is this freedom? Freedom does not mean I do whatever I want. Freedom is for a purpose. Freedom is so I can be free to be good. I do this by my own free-will. I am not material only and thus bound by laws of nature. I have a soul. Am I going to develop a good soul or a bad soul? That will depend on how I act. Naturally, that will mean trusting in Christ more for a good soul.

After all, Independence Day this year falls on a Friday. It makes me think back to Good Friday. Real independence was won there. The kingdom of the devil was broken into and the Kingdom of God has been taking over. We are here in the already/not yet period. It is growing like a mustard seed did and filling the world. The actions of one man back then, the God-man, gave freedom from the tyranny of sin to all people. We are not slaves of sin. We are slaves of Christ.

May I remember the sacrifice of Christ on Independence Day and not take that for granted as I rest tonight. May I also remember the sacrifice of numerous men and women. It is because of them that I have the place to sleep in tonight freely. It is because of them I worship where I want and I go to school where I want and I live where I want.

And though we don’t often deserve it, may God bless America.

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