Bible Publishers Being Sued For Homosexual Verses

A man is suing Zondervan and Thomas Nelson for Bible verses that condemn homosexuality saying that they are improperly translating them and that the usage of those verses has caused him much pain and has made him an outcast from his family. He has suffered emotionally and physically from this. On hearing this, one response comes to mind immediately.

“Grow up.”

Let me put this clearer. Let’s suppose his family made him an outcast. That is not the fault of the verses. That is the fault of the family. If they had been following the Bible, they would have realized he was family. Now if he’d wanted acceptance from his family for his actions, that’s another matter. You can accept the person though without accepting the actions. I have had a homosexual friend before. I had no problem with him as a person, but I did with his actions. (I don’t now simply because I moved away.)

Also, this man is giving way too much power to those around him. Is he going to say that others forced him to be uncomfortable? Could it be his own sense of right and wrong and he’s just wanting to blame it on others? This is a showing of our victimization culture in that everyone is a victim and everyone else is responsible for what happens.

In fact, let’s be clear on some other issues with lawsuits.

I went out for ice cream. There are a lot of beautiful girls at the ice cream parlor tonight. I come home and get on facebook and seeing friends I see other friends and there are a lot of beautiful girls there as well. Facebook also advertises dating sites and guess what they use in their pictures. You got it! It’s beautiful girls again.

I should sue for lust being condemned. It causes me pain.

I see people come through my workplace with better jobs and making better money and I wish I was in that position.

I should sue for covetousness being condemned.

I sometimes think of myself more than I ought because of my skills in philosophy and theology and apologetics.

I should sue for pride being condemned.

I’d really like to be able to call in sick for work tomorrow.

I should sue for lying being condemned.

The point is, the Bible says a lot of things that cause me discomfort. Now I can turn to the Qu’ran and read that Muhammad claims Allah says saying that God has a son is the sin of shirk.

I’m not losing any sleep.

Suppose I knew some Muslims. I wouldn’t sue them. I’d discuss it with them and state my reasons for my worldview.

Suppose they wanted to execute me.

Then we’re getting into legal grounds and in America, that can go to the proper authorities, but to say homosexuality is a sin is not to violate the law. It is to state what you believe to be the truth and frankly, like the sin of shirk, it either is or it isn’t. If it is, then you need to deal with it regardless. If homosexuality is truly a sin, then the person should be grateful for telling them such. If it isn’t, then why worry? How much stock are we to put in opinions that aren’t true?

Bottom line though? This is simply our victimization culture rising up and a culture that is trying to regulate the thought life of America. Friends. There is a threat from the active homosexual lobby and we need to be prepared biblically, philosophically, and legally.

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