Homosexual Offenders?

1 Cor. 6:9-10 tells us that homosexual offenders will not inherit the kingdom of God. In fact, we are told to not be deceived on this. (Could it be because we are likely to be deceived on this?) 1 Tim. 1:10 tells us the same thing about homosexuals. Now friends, I have to be blunt and say that I see no way around saying that this is referring to those who practice a homosexual lifestyle.

Some might think that this refers to those who offend homosexuals. This kind of reasoning really makes me puzzled. Why would Paul just single out those who offend homosexuals? Why not those who offend liars or robbers or any other group? The only explanation I know of is to accept Paul at face value. He is speaking about homosexual offenders.

Now let’s get to the grace side of this.

I think this is referring to people who do practice this kind of lifestyle with the activity going on. I do not think this relates to the person who wrestles with homosexual desires and yet, chooses to maintain a celibate lifestyle. There are such people in this world and some Christians would include themselves in that category. Grace and counseling are the key.

And friends, that is what we need to be doing and this is a strong reason we need to push what masculinity and femininity really are. I think one reason the homosexual movement got so much thrust here in America is because men don’t know what it means to be men and women don’t know what it means to be women. Those ideas have been lost to us.

It also happens when we lose what sin is. When we say that homosexuality is no longer a sin, we don’t do a service to homosexuals. We do a disservice to them. It does no good to speak to one living in sin as if they were not. It does not good to say of what is evil that it is good. I’m not saying we should like saying it. I’m not saying we should be gloating in our attitude. I’m simply saying we should speak the truth and speak the truth in love. These are people created in the image of God also.

Let’s also be clear on the good news of the text. Paul says that this is what some of his listeners once were, but they were cleansed and transformed by Christ. We dare not limit him also. Paul believed strongly in the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit to change someone’s life. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have those same kinds of beliefs today. This is not about tongues and this is not about prophecy. This is about the power to transform lives. Either Christ still does it or he doesn’t.

I’m on the side of that he does.

If we preach to the homosexual and condemn his sin and don’t tell of the grace of God to change lives, then we have not done the job. We must also remember that this is done because we do see the homosexual as a person and someone we want to enter into the full joy of life that God has prepared. Remember that part of that joy is true sexuality. Yes my fellow young men and to you young single women waiting also for us. God does want us to enjoy the gift of sexuality. I think it would be a huge blessing to those of us in the church if we could get this message to the youth when speaking about sex instead of just the list of “donts.” This is a good thing!

And let’s remember this also. Paul does speak of the power of transforming these lives. He mentions many others as well. Let us not forget that Christ is still in the business of transforming lives and he can transform ours as well as we grow more and more to being conformed to the likeness of his Son.

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