What Color is Blue?

I know we’re getting away from evil some, but sometimes things happen and it’s my prerogative to change course if I desire. Friday, we had Mormons up at our house for what seems to be the last time. They decided to give up on us at this point. However, there was a most revealing part of this exchange that absolutely stunned me on the cultist mindset.

My roommate was doing an excellent job of dealing with the translation of Joseph Smith of Genesis 1:1 in the King Follett Discourse while I was looking up another passage of Scripture. He was showing them that quite frankly, Joseph Smith did not translate that passage right. I will never forget the answer that we had and how stunned I was by it.

When the Mormons came over, we were always gracious hosts and we offered them water or anything to drink if they wanted it. Sometimes we even got pizza in advance. So one of them had a glass of Glacier Freeze gatorade with them. For those who do not know, this is the blue kind of gatorade and frankly of the mixes of gatorade one can get and make, it’s the best.

He held up that glass of gatorade and said that the way he sees it, if the prophet were to say that this glass of blue gatorade was red, he’d believe it was red.

I’m still floored by that.

I find it amazing that one can give such authority to a man that so many things would be believed like that. Blue cannot be red simply. If it is red, then by definition it cannot be blue because due to the law of identity blue is blue and red is red. Now something could have elements of red and blue (A beachball for instance), but it could not be both completely blue and completely red. (If it was attempted, one would end up with purple.)

And what is that based on? It’s not based on sound reasoning. It’s based on an experience. While we were presenting facts on how there are problems with the BOM and the Bible, all we got from the other side was “We have a testimony” and apparently, this testimony is one that basic sense experience could be called into question on.

Now if I’m looking at something from a distance, there is a chance your view could be mistaken. However, the closer you get, you reach a point where you can rest assured that your viewpoint is not mistaken. I do not doubt that each key I am hitting on my computer says the letter I believe it says on it and when I read a book, I do not doubt that the letters I see are the letters that are on the page.

How far will this go? Ultimately, it will be that in that case, it is not the Mormon doing the thinking. It is the prophet doing the thinking for them. They do not believe based on sound reason and evidence. It is based instead on what someone else says and how can one be sure that this is someone that can be trusted? I trust Christ, but Christ proved he can have my trust by claiming to be God and showing it by rising from the dead.

If someone wants to follow a prophet like that, go ahead, but I ask anyone to remember this. That is trust that you will have to give an answer to God for someday and if he is not true, having a burning in the bosom won’t make a difference on that day.

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