A Concern With Sarah Palin’s Hacked Computer

For those curious, today’s blog is being done early due to having a friend over to celebrate an important event with me.

Yes everyone. It’s the Season 8 premiere of Smallville.

Thus, I will have tonight free and spend it with a friend. On to the blog though.

I don’t usually go political, but I am going to somewhat this time. I am a strong conservative, as most of you probably know, but today, I speak more as someone who believes in morality. The news reported yesterday that Sarah Palin had had her computer hacked by someone and that personal information was leaked all over the internet. A story even said the AP refused to comply with the Secret Service in the situation.

I went to a page talking about the story and read through 100 comments. I was greatly concerned because I did not find one that said “This was wrong.” Instead, they were making jokes about her email server, about whether she got spam or not, that she was a moron for letting this sort of thing happen, etc. No one said anything about the morality of the situation.

I’ll go on and say it then. This was wrong. I don’t care if it had happened to Obama or Biden. It was wrong. Bristol Palin as a result of yesterday’s event had her cell phone ringing constantly as her number was in it. I really feel sorry for this girl having to deal with a pregnancy as a young teenager, but now the media has blown it out of proportion. Yes. She did something wrong. The family is working together though to deal with the situation. Drop it.

A debate I had with someone recently on the topic of abortion had this person saying, as they are older than I, that they are thankful they won’t be around to see what the upcoming generation will produce. What they meant was my kind though who are pro-life and believe in the sanctity of the unborn and what oppression that would put on women.

I am concerned about the future though when I see an evil act take place and all anyone can do about it is laugh. It is not a laughing matter no matter who is involved. If you are a conservative, you should condemn this. If you are a liberal, you should condemn this. If you are a moderate, you should condemn this. This is not about what party you belong to. This is simply about right and wrong.

I hope you will do what is right. Don’t read these things that have been leaked. If you see someone laughing about it, point out that what was done was wrong. It is no laughing matter. (I wonder how many of these are the ones that press the homosexual argument about what people do in private though finding it funny that private emails are on display.)

For the future of America, we need morality.

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