The Lamb of Judah

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters! We are going to go to Revelation 5 in our Trinitarian Commentary tonight and I don’t plan on putting up verses as I’d just like to look at the chapter as a whole really. First, I’d like to ask for your prayers for my continued Christlikeness which is involving overcoming a lot of fears and a change in my attitude and perceptions. Secondly, I thank you all for your prayers in my finances as a major windfall did happen to come in today. Now there is still much to be done, but this was a great blessing. I don’t know how it came through, but it might be someone reading this blog. If it was you, thank you very much. I am in your debt. Third, for the area in my life that’s connected to these two. That just got a bit easier.

Revelation 5 is taking place before the throne room of God in Heaven. There is talk going about a scroll that no one can open. John is sad that no one can open it until he is told about the lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the one who has triumphed. He can open the scroll.

Now notice something interesting. We are told that this is a lion, but the next image we see is of a lamb. John will frequently pull this trick on us where he will give us the exact opposite of what it is that we expect to see. When we hear of a lion, we expect to see someone walk out like Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. In this case, it is a lamb that walks out.

This is no ordinary lamb however. This is a lamb with seven horns first off, which symbolizes that all power belongs to him. A horn was a symbol of strength. He also has seven eyes, which would indicate that he sees all that happens. He also has the seven spirits, which we believe refers to the Holy Spirit.

Notice how interestingly the elders refer to him as a sacrificial lamb. What’s so fascinating is that this is the lamb that has returned from the altar. This is the lamb that lived to tell the tale. A lamb would normally die and that would be the end. This lamb died meek and mild and now has all power. He is the one who conquered over those who sought to put him to death.

Notice the extolling that takes place of the lamb. He is worthy of glory and honor and praise! All this is taking place at the throne room of God, the one who said he would not share his glory with another. Either Jesus is included in the divine identity and can receive worship, or else God is being rather absentminded about who he is right now.

Finally, all creation is said to worship him who sits on the throne and the lamb. Now if all creation is worshiping the lamb, then it follows that the lamb is not part of creation. He is distinct from it in this verse and that is because he does indeed sit on the throne rightly by nature as he is fully God.

What we have in chapter 5 then is much revealed about the nature of the lamb. As we go through this book, we will see more and more of him. Remember, Revelation is meant to reveal to us who Jesus is and we are for the worse if we do not see that.

We shall continue tomorrow.

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