Salvation Belongs To The Lamb

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters where we are continuing to dive into the ocean of truth as we go through our Trinitarian Commentary. Someone asked me yesterday if I’m going through an outline to do this. Nope. I’m just reading through the text and noting the insights I have as I explore it. I’m learning quite a lot through this as well. I do ask your prayers for my continued Christlikeness, for which I have my friends working with me and helping me to grow on the path. Second I ask for prayer for my finances. I’m thankful for the good that came recently, but there’s still more. Third is the other area in my life that is related to these two.

Tonight, we’re going to be looking at the concepts in Revelation 7. It’s a long chapter and so I don’t want to post it all here. I would prefer you to get out your Bibles or go to a website like, which supplies the quotes that I use for this blog, and read through and notice where I’m going with the text.

To begin with we have a call of salvation to several on the Earth followed by a picture of a multitude in Heaven. I will leave it to you to determine how you think those connect to each other as at this blog, we don’t get into secondary issues. The second part however gets us into Trinitarian ideas.

This crowd is standing in front of the throne and before the lamb. Note again this concept of the lamb. The lamb is central to all that is going on and he is shown to be distinct from the creation. He is also seen to be closely tied in to the throne of God, something any Jew reading the text would pick up on.

Notice that they also say that salvation belongs to our God and the lamb. The two are directly related. In the fifth chapter, we had praise and glory to the lamb. In the sixth chapter, we had the wrath of the lamb. When we get to the seventh chapter, we have salvation belonging to the lamb, and salvation was usually seen as an act of YHWH.

I would also like to comment on what is seen at the end. The lamb will be their shepherd. What an interesting picture. Normally, it is the shepherd that leads the lambs, but in the Revelation, this is reversed. It is the lamb that is leading the shepherds. He will guide the people to the living waters.

The Jew would not have missed the reference to Psalm 23 where we read that the Lord is the shepherd of his people. Jesus being the shepherd is taking the place of YHWH and he is promising them the bliss that the good shepherd is to give his people. God will wipe every tear from their eyes. The work of the lamb and the work of God are not opposed. They are different functions, but they serve to bring about the glory of God and of course, the lamb.

Glory to the lamb. Salvation is his.

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