To My Wife On Her Birthday

Hello everyone and welcome to Deeper Waters. I know I said that we’d continue looking at Providence, but I think today, I’ll write something to my wife. Now I am keeping her name secret, but on Theologyweb, she goes by the name of Toodles. Today, she celebrates her birthday and I wish to celebrate it with her.

A year ago Princess, you were not even a blip on the radar. I knew nothing of your existence. It was only when that mutual friend of ours told me about you and I got in touch with you and saw who you are and realized that you’re an Aspie like I am and that no one could bring as much happiness as you can.

So our adventure together really began in September. I came to see you for the first time in October. Come December 24th of last year, you had a ring on your finger and we were preparing to walk down the aisle as you did agree that you want to spend the rest of your life with me.

For me, it began the quest of holiness and right now, I tell friends in the apologetics field about how important that holiness is. It is so easy to spend all our time in apologetics in only the intellectual arena. We don’t really let the doctrine of God influence us like we should. We keep thinking the ideas will change us, but in many ways they don’t.

I knew a lot of the ways I needed to change long before you showed up. However, once you showed up, I started making it a higher priority than ever before. I started looking at the ways I treat other people in my mind and the ways I treat myself and saw that too often, I am very self-focused.

Hence, how my pastor told you that one change that’s come along in my life since you came is that I’m more other-focused. What matters more to me now is how you feel about something and what you think. I am secondary. I find that I have had an entire priority shift.

You caused me to look inside myself and see the inner darkness I have had for so long. I can freely admit that I am a fallen and imperfect man now. I can freely admit the natural tendency I see in me to sin, and I seek all the more to make it be more and more my natural tendency to choose love.

It has been a journey of seventeen days today. We’ve been through a lot together, but in the end, we’re always together. You stand by my side and I stand by yours. I’ve had to adjust in many ways, but it’s all been a good adjustment. You’ve helped me face fears I never thought I could. I have seen your heart, and I have prayed that I will have a heart more like yours.

I have also seen the stern side of you. I saw it tonight in how you helped with some friends of ours in facing something in their life, and I was pleased with what I saw. You have a growing commitment to godliness. You’re working on growing more in that area, and I’m standing beside you.

While I’ve been quick to think some things obviously true, you have also helped me watch what I say. I realize more and more that I could be wrong in many areas and how my arguments can come across to many people. You have an outlook that sees many things that I’ve missed.

I am certain I have grown much since I have known you and I am growing more and more. You have been God’s instrument in grace to help free me from what sins I have been caught in and help me embrace life as God intended for me to embrace it.

You are the most important person in my life, and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday Princess. Thank you for being my wife.

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