Farewell Ken Pulliam

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters, where we are diving into the ocean of truth! We’re taking a detour from our look into the topic of science and Christianity. I had meant it to be shorter, but I have been given notice about someone in the skeptical community who passed away and someone who I had some interaction with.

Ken and I debated a few times on Theologyweb.com. Of course, we disagreed on our conclusions, but I believe there was a healthy respect there. I honestly liked Ken in many ways. In fact, earlier this year, he had emailed me somehow hearing that I was getting married, probably on Theologyweb.com. He wanted to send me his congratulations and encourage me to continue my education because too many students get married and they never finish their education then.

Ken had been an apologist for Christianity and even taught who apostasized, but he did not fit into a stereotype of atheists who don’t know the material. He was one who had a better understanding. Of course, I still think his understanding was wrong as he did not agree with it, but I do believe he made an effort. It was a huge step up from so many atheists today who don’t even think they need to bother studying theology in order to argue.

In a world with the Rational Response Squad and the new atheists, it can be refreshing to know that there are deeper levels to the debate than you will find in these kinds of writings. There are people who want to seriously debate the issues and they do not want to simply use sound bites in order to argue their position. I believe Ken really wanted to interact with the material on the other side and I think that is an example Christians should have. Christians need to know what the other side is thinking.

I sincerely hope that there came a time for Ken to return to the faith before he died. I really do. I think we Christians need to watch what we do when those who are non-Christians die. Death is not a happy thing. If someone dies without Christ, we should never celebrate that. We as Christians should have our hearts remembering why we do what we do and the importance of evangelism.

I recall when Stephen Jay Gould died that there were several creationists who were practically throwing a party that surely he must be really hot now. We should not respond in that way. The man was dead and we need to honor his life. We need to remember that the only reason any of us are avoiding Hell is the grace of God.

I understand that all of his family consists of believers. I sincerely hope that if they read this, that everything I have said here is respectful to Ken. I know he treated me with respect and I try to do likewise to someone like that. I was sorry to hear about the news and if you read this, my wife and I pray for your well-being.

R.I.P. Ken.

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