The Future of Deeper Waters

What lies ahead hopefully in 2013. Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

As we are in the last day of the year, and might I add the last day for end of the year giving if you want to support Deeper Waters, I’d like to share with you some of the plans for what we want to do in 2013, or at least get started on doing. Our ministry hasn’t been here that long, but we want to go ahead and do all that we can to make a difference.

First, I have a desire to start doing podcasts soon. I have a microphone to my computer now due to the generosity of my ministry partner. While it’s used to record voice clips mainly for his YouTube videos, I also would like to use it for those podcasts. I’d like to share my own thoughts many times, but also bring on guests who I think are relevant to important Christian topics.

Second, we’ve had the blog for several years, but now is the time that we need more to get recognized. Web sites get far more hits than blogs do and so in this year, I hope to establish a web site. Allie is quite skilled at HTML so she will be helping a lot with this kind of work.

Third, I plan to seriously cut back the amount of debates I do online leaving only selected venues for debate due to the work that I will be doing on my Master’s thesis, a thesis my father-in-law thinks that I can pull off in less than a year. This would enable a good teaching position online to be available and clear the way for work on the PH.D. For those interested, the Master’s will be discussing the question of if historians can study miracles or not, in response to what Ehrman said in his debate with my father-in-law at SES one year.

Fourth, we hope to send out the newsletter to many more people and have more active fundraising going on to support the work that is being done here. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please let me know. You can just leave a comment or email me at Just include something like “Deeper Waters” in the subject line.

Fifth, if at all possible, we would like to be more active in the community. For this reason, I am trying to contact local churches and see if any of them would be interested in doing studies in apologetics, such as a weekly study through a book like Lee Strobel’s “Case For Christ.” I would especially like to see this done for youth groups so that they can invite all their non-Christian friends, since this could be something that would get them in the door.

Please be praying for us in these endeavors and tell your friends about what is going on here. If you can support us financially as well, that is even more appreciated. If you also have any feedback on what you’d like to see done, let us know about that also.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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