Please Thank Your First Responders

In time of quarantine, do we appreciate the hard workers we have? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

My brother-in-law is a firefighter. Even before that happened though, my wife had instilled in me a deeper admiration for them. By these people, I refer to the firefighters, but also the policemen and the EMTs. In this time of quarantine, these people are still out there and active.

Too often, especially with police officers, sometime a bum rap is given to them. When we watch action movies, usually the good guys are having to run and escape from the police and we get what’s going on. The policemen are not villains. They’re just doing their jobs, but we love to see them being outwitted by the “hero.” (And let’s face it, for something like a heist movie, the policemen really are the heroes and we are actually cheering for the villains.)

Are there some bad officers out there? Yes. There are black sheep in every profession out there. As one in ministry, I can assure any reader I have met my share of people in ministry that I think have no business being in the ministry. However, the majority are just people wanting to do some good for God. (Although for a lot of them, a little education would really help them out.)

The thing is that these people are really willing to risk their lives for us. Police officers can leave their families at home in the morning and have no real certainty that they will ever see them again. Every time they pull over someone on a traffic violation, they realize that that could be someone waiting for them with a gun.

Firefighters will rush into burning buildings trying to get everyone out. Think especially of events like 9/11. First responders were going in, many no doubt sure they were going to their deaths, while most everyone else was heading out.

Whatever you might think of Sean Hannity, I remember hearing him once say that when he’s in a restaurant and he sees policemen come in, he pays for their meal. If I had money, I would really like to do that one. I really wish I could. These are people who are to be held in great admiration.

So what do Allie and I do? When we see these people, it’s always “Thank you for your service.” If possible, I will roll down my window and pull over just to thank a police officer for their service.

And really, I don’t think these people get that enough. If anything, I suspect most of them could go home and say “You won’t believe the compliment someone gave me today.” To some extent, we all like getting compliments. Why not make sure those who are risking their lives get them?

Thank a first responder that you see today. They are the heroes out there at all times.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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