Book Plunge: Of Thee I Zing

What do I think of Laura Ingraham’s book published by Threshold Publishing? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

I was at the library nearest my home recently which is small and sadly, doesn’t have a great audio book section where I get my books to go through while driving. I did see this and being a conservative, I did decide to check it out. Now I know some of my leftist readers could be tempted to ignore this since it’s by Laura Ingraham, but I really encourage you to not do so.

Ingraham’s book is based on her visit prior to a local mall and especially the food court area and looking at society around her. Many of us can point to moral decline in various areas to show that our country is in trouble, but Ingraham is looking at popular culture and noticing a lot of problems. Why are men walking around and carrying purses? Why are we often zombies staring into our phone screens?

As a conservative and a Catholic, she does sometimes show that side of her, but those times are the exception. I suspect many on the left will even look at these problems that Ingraham sees and agree on a number of them. As I was driving, many times I would find myself nodding my head and sometimes laughing as I listened to what she has to say about society.

Consider parenting. Do you know how much people pay to babyproof their homes so the children won’t get hurt? What about what we actually name those little ones? With some names that are being given, you can expect that eventually, these kids will come to hate their parents. Let’s also not forget that child we’ve seen in the supermarket who is throwing a tantrum and treating their parent or parents like garbage only to be given a candy bar when they get up front.

Sometimes, the parents can be even worse when the children get older. What about the mother who has plenty of cosmetic surgery done to her because she wants to look like her daughter in her early 20’s? Even more creepy can be when they go out looking for dates together. Some women just have a hard time accepting that they’re older and that doesn’t mean their beauty has to fade, but it does mean that they are to be more mature.

She does have some statements about religion. Too many of our worship services are done like they are performances or concerts instead of actual worship. If anyone thinks that the biggest threat to the church is people like Dawkins and Hitchens and others, they’re simply wrong. The real threat to the church comes from within. It’s not necessarily moral failure, although that is part of it, but just laziness in our church. How many times does a pastor do something just to get a pop culture reference in so he can seem “hip” to the audience?

Other areas include airplane travel. What about the parents who let their kids run amok on a plane and do whatever they want? Many of us have had that experience of the person behind you constantly kicking your seat only to see it’s a little kid and the parents aren’t doing anything. Is it really necessary to watch the demonstration every time of how to put on an oxygen mask if you have seen it numerous times before?

Of course, there’s our shopping as well. How many of us will regularly go to Starbucks and spend an exorbitant amount to get a drink that really won’t last that long? There’s also the people who get on their laptops and stay in the coffeeshop as a personal office. Many of them are never going to get a drink or a snack, but they will just mooch off of the company wifi.

If you are someone on the left, don’t let that Laura Ingraham wrote this make you not interested. I think we can all agree in some ways that our culture has problems, something I am considering blogging on a lot more this week. Many of our concepts are just embarrassing to consider and one wonders what future generations will think about us. You don’t even have to go into really controversial areas to see this.

So when you read this, or listen to it as I did, you will get a fun look at American culture and something that will hopefully make you laugh. Conservatives will also enjoy the every now and then zing of companies like CNN. Leftists listening will just bite their tongue at this point, but go on to enjoy much of what is said and amazingly at times, find themselves agreeing with Laura Ingraham.

If you think our culture is in decline, get something like this and see how right you are.

In Christ,
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)

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