Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule

3/16/2013Steve Gregg on Preterism

3/23/2013Greg Koukl on Tactics.

Easter 2013Gary Habermas on the Resurrection.

3/30/2013 Rob Bowman on the Trinity

4/6/2013 Jacob Alexander on raising an Aspie

4/13/2013 I talk about JWs

4/20/2013 David Instone-Brewer on the Jesus Scandals

4/27/2013 Megan Almon on abortion

5/4/2013Nabeel Qureshi on Islam

5/11/2013Kurt Jaros of Real Clear Apologetics

5/18/2013 Justin Brierley of Unbelievable?

5/25/2013 E. Calvin Beisner on Environmentalism

6/1/2013Craig Blomberg on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

6/8/2013 James Hannam on Medieval Science

6/15/2013 Alan Shlemon on Islam

6/22/2013 John Walton on the Lost World of Genesis 1

6/29/2013 Mike Licona on the Resurrection

7/6/2013 J. Warner Wallace on Cold-Case Christianity

7/13/2013 I give general apologetics talk

7/20/2013 Tim McGrew on apologetics

7/27/2013 Chris Winchester on Richard Carrier

8/3/2013 I speak on homosexuality and the Bible

8/10/2013 Craig Keener on Miracles

8/17/2013 Bill McKeever on Mormonism

8/24/2013 Andrew Pitts on NT Forgeries

8/31/2013 Jonathan Pennington on Reading the Gospels Wisely

9/7/2013 Dr. Freda Bush on the hook-up culture

9/14/2013 Holly Ordway on Literary Apologetics

9/21/2013 Jon Stewart of Ratio Christi International

9/28/2013 ex-homosexuals

10/5/2013 Robert Gagnon on The Bible and Homosexuality

10/12/2013 Jeff Harshbarger on the Occult

10/19/2013 Benjamin Wiker on How To Think About God On A Plane

10/26/2013 Brent Sandy on the Lost World of Scripture

11/2/2013 David Wood on the Problem of Evil

11/9/2013Greg Ganssle on God and evil

11/16/2013john Granger on Harry Potter and Christianity

11/23/2013J.P. Holding on Hitler’s Christianity

11/30/2013Paul Maier on Ancient Historiography

12/7/2013Ben Witherington on the birth narratives

12/14/2013Eric Chabot on Jesus and Judaism

12/21/2013Anthony McRoy on Christmas Traditions

12/28/2013 David Andrew Robertson on Magnificent Obsession

1/3/2014 Gretchen Passantino Coburn on the beauty of life.

1/11/2014 Clinton Wilcox on Abortion.

1/18/2014 No show due to technical difficulties

1/25/2014 Freda Bush on abortion’s medical effects on women.

2/1/2014 Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas

2/8/2014 Don Johnson on How To Talk To A Skeptic

2/15/2014 Tom Gilson on Peter Boghossian and his street epistemologists.

2/22/2014 Lynn Cohick on Jesus and Women

3/1/2014 Craig Evans on the Dead Sea Scrolls

3/8/2014 Mary Jo Sharp on Why Apologetics?

3/15/2014 Darrell Bock on the historicity of Luke-Acts

3/22/2014 Charles Hill on the early text of the NT and Canonization

3/29/2014 Round Table discussion on How God Became Jesus

4/5/2014 Hugh Ross on Aspergers and Apologetics

4/12/2014 Jay Richards on Money, Greed, and God

4/19/2014 Daniel Wallace on the Textual Reliability of the NT

4/26/2014 Craig Blomberg on Can We Still Believe The Bible?

5/3/2014 Robert Kolb on the Reformation

5/10/2014 Mary Poplin on Is Reality Secular?

5/17/2014 E. Randolph Richards on Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes

5/24/2014 Peter Davids on the Catholic Epistles. (Unrecorded due to technical difficulties)

5/31/2014 Joseph Hinman on religious experience.

6/7/2014 Abdu Murray on The Grand Central Question

6/14/2014 James K. Dew Jr. and Mark Foreman on “How Do We Know?”

6/21/2014 Braxton Hunter on The Core Facts

6/28/2014 Donald Williams on Mere Humanity.

7/5/2014 Bill Fortenberry on the faith of the founding fathers of America

7/12/2014 Mike Licona on Plutarch research and its impact on the Gospels.

7/19/2014 Paul Copan on Is God A Moral Monster?

7/26/2014 No show. Busy elsewhere.

8/2/2014 Clay Jones on the problem of evil.

8/9/2014 David Capes on the Voice.

8/16/2014 Joe Mulvhill on the pagan copycat theory

8/23/2014 Lee McDonald on the Biblical Canon

8/30/2014 R. Scott Smith on In Search of Moral Knowledge

9/6/2014 Lenny Esposito on Science and Scientism in the church and college campus apologetics ministry.

9/13/2014 Guest had to cancel.

9/20/2014 Rick Mattson on Faith is Like Skydiving.

9/27/2014 Darrell Bock on Truth Matters

10/4/2014 James Sire on his life in apologetics

10/11/2014 Graham Veale on The New Atheism: A Survival Guide.”

10/18/2014 Cancelled due to sickness on my part.

10/25/2014 Marcia Montenegro on Halloween and the New Age

11/1/2014 David James on the Harbinger

11/8/2014 Kurt Jaros on various topics

11/15/2014 Lynn Wilder on Unveiling Grace

11/22/2014 Adam’s Road on Mormonism with Musical Interlude

11/29/2014 Debate on Hell. Chris Date vs. J.P. Holding

12/6/2014 Cancelled due to sickness.

12/13/2014 Louis Markos on Apologetics in the 21st Century

12/20/2014 Paul Rainbow on Johannine Theology

12/27/2014 Bob Stewart on the New Orleans Defend The Faith conference.

1/3/2015 Jay Watts on abortion

1/10/2015 Guest had to cancel and I was not feeling well anyway.

1/17/2015 Peter D. Williams on Abortion in the U.K.

1/24/2015 Dee Dee Warren on abortion

1/31/2015 Dave Sterrett on Aborting Aristotle

2/7/2015 Werner Mischke on The Global Gospel

2/14/2015 Valentine’s Day. No show.

2/21/2015 Tawa Anderson on Worldview Thinking

2/28/2015 Justin Langford on Forgeries in the NT.

3/7/2015 John Walton on The Lost World of Adam and Eve

3/14/2015 Jerry Walls on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

3/21/2015 David Marshall on How Jesus Passes The Outsider Test

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