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My thoughts on the Geisler controversy involving his charge against Mike Licona. (My father-in-law in the spirit of honesty)

Does ICBI = Inerrancy?

A preface to my look at ICBI.

A look at the ICBI statement.

ICBI article 1

ICBI article 2

ICBI article 3

ICBI article 4

ICBI article 5

ICBI article 6

ICBI article 7

ICBI article 8

ICBI article 9

ICBI article 10

ICBI article 11

ICBI article 12

ICBI article 13

ICBI article 14

ICBI article 15

ICBI article 16

ICBI article 17

ICBI article 18

ICBI article 19

The future of Inerrancy

A response to Pastor Tim Rogers

A further reply to Tim Rogers

A dispute against the idea that a “literal” interpretation is best.

Does Mike Licona think the NT contains embellishments and legends?

Thoughts on Geisler’s refusal to attend an SEBTS meeting with Licona.

Geisler’s misrepresentation of Licona’s position on the authorship of Matthew.

Emir Caner’s endorsement of Geisler

Geisler’s going after Robert Sloan of HBU.

Geisler resurrects the zombie argument

Here comes Inerrancy again.

J.I. Packer’s statement on Licona.

Mike Licona’s open response to Geisler.

My thoughts on Geisler responding to a Licona interview.

A response to Al Mohler.

Some thoughts on the whole debate.

A response to my friend Paul on the debate.

A response to James White

My thoughts on Geisler’s Christmas Carol

My relationship with my in-laws in the debate.

Was I confronted on the Geisler video?

A defense of Craig Blomberg.

A response to Paige Patterson.

A response to AOMin.org.

look at the Licona’s view on the changed day in John.

More on the future of Inerrancy.

Is Deeper Waters the mouthpiece of Mike Licona?

High context and the perspicuity of Scripture.

The relationship between Lordship and scholarship.

The future of biblical scholarship.

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