Deeper Waters Podcast 3/23/2019: David Dockery

What’s coming up? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Go into most any Christian bookstore and you will see a plethora of Bibles available. Many of them are for much more individualized purposes, such as a men’s Bible or a teenager’s Bible or a graduate’s Bible or even more specialized than that. Fortunately, many are also starting to answer the demands of the mind as well as the longings of the heart. Many Bibles are coming that are not just about what can be done for one’s self, but also about how one can better understand not just Scripture, but the world around the reader.

One fact present to us today, especially in the world of Facebook and the internet, is that there are plenty of worldviews all around us. In the apartment complex my wife and I live in, there are Muslims and Hindus, for example. However, we don’t ever have to walk outside our door to encounter Muslims and Hindus today. We encounter them when we turn on our computer, as well as most every other worldview.

So why not have a Bible to understand those worldviews? This has now been done. There is a way you can study the Scriptures and learn about other worldviews around you at the same time. After all, how best can you take the truths of Scripture to those that do not share a Christian worldview? The Bible I have in mind is the Worldview Study Bible. Its editor is David Dockery and he will be my guest Saturday.

So who is he?

According to his bio:

David S. Dockery was unanimously elected on February 28, 2014 as the 15th president of Trinity International University and is now serving in his 24th year as a university president. Highly regarded as one of the outstanding leaders and senior statesmen in the world of Christian higher education, Dockery served as president of Union University for nearly two decades where during his transformational presidency the enrollment more than doubled, the net assets of the institution more than tripled, the campus was transformed, and Union vaulted to a place of national leadership in Christian higher education. Much of this took place in response to the strategic implementation of four distinctive and far-reaching strategic plans, which included the development and renovation of the campus while surpassing the goal of a $100 million comprehensive campaign.

Dockery also helped guide Union’s response and recovery in 2008 to one of the largest natural disasters ever to hit an American university campus. Following his years of service at Union as president and University Professor of Christian Thought and Tradition, Dockery was named president emeritus. Since coming to Trinity, he has brought guidance to an institution that had previously experienced more than a decade of serious enrollment decline along with a number of institutional challenges throughout the 21st century.

In addition, Dockery has led processes to strengthen the Trinity Board, enhance denominational relationships, upgrade the look of the campus, and reshape the University Leadership Team. He has brought a renewed focus to the best of Trinity’s heritage while seeking to give a sense of realistic hope and hopeful realism to the Trinity community for the days ahead. New academic programs have been introduced and four new academic centers have been established. These themes are amplified in the University-wide comprehensive plan, “Heritage and Hope: Trinity 2023,” which was unanimously and enthusiastically adopted by the Trinity Board of Regents in February of 2015. The Plan has provided a shared commitment and common direction for the Trinity community. 

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In Christ,
Nick Peters