Deeper Waters 11/2/2013 David Wood

What’s coming up on the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s talk about it.

Evil is an ever present reality in our lives and it is a great reason so many people come against the Christian faith. I would honestly say this objection is the most gripping one of all because it is often not only logical, but emotional. Most of us have times where our emotion can overpower our reason. Suffering can be one of those times.

My guest on the Deeper Waters Podcast episode for November 2nd is here to help! David Wood has been a member of Mike Licona’s Dream Team and has just recently finished his doctorate where he dealt with the problem of evil. David comes at this from a position of having seen evil directly himself and having come from a tough background as we will hopefully hear about on the show today.

We will be talking about all manner of evil on the show today and how it is that Christians are to respond. We have recently heard about shootings in this country. What are we to do when we hear of those? How does the existence of an all-good and all-powerful and all-knowing God cohere with the reality that is evil in our world?

Are we to just give a simplistic answer to people to just tell them to have faith? The challenge is real and my guest can really handle it. He has even debated the topic before with John Loftus of Debunking Christianity and might I add, put on a splendid performance as well, and this was even before he had had his doctorate on this passed.

David Wood has been debating with atheists for a long time and not only that, I consider him a good friend. He has helped my own family out in a number of ways which tells me that this is a problem he seeks to deal with for most everyone else and I am sure that you will find his perspective to be a quite unique one.

I also hope that what is said will be taken to heart. We will deal with many objections throughout the episode and there might be times when it’s not fitting for someone to hear. If you’re in extensive suffering right now, for instance, and caught up in it emotionally, chances are the logical problem of evil solution is just not the one that you need to hear right now. A lot of times on a show like this (And I have debated this topic on Unbelievable? so I know from experience) it can be asked how this helps those who are suffering now. It might not, but it does prepare you for the suffering that you will eventually be facing soon.

Please be listening then to Dr. David Wood on the Deeper Waters Podcast today from 3-5 PM EST. The call in number if you want to ask something on this important topic is 714-242-5180. The link to the show can be found here

In Christ,
Nick Peters