Deeper Waters Podcast 5/2/2015: Cynthia Hampton

What’s coming up on this Saturday’s episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

For those who are concerned, I have started working on the podcasts for putting up. It has just been a few stressful weeks here, but I take full responsibility. Please understand that I am looking to get them out as soon as I can.

But this week, we’re going to have a show I’ve tried to have twice in the past and both times something has happened to stop it from happening. Let’s hope that doesn’t hold this time. We are going to be talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses. My guest is going to be Cynthia Hampton. She is in a unique position to talk about Jehovah’s Witnesses because she herself used to be one and has now escaped and is a strong orthodox Christian. She has also come to be a strong friend of our family and we are thankful that she has been there many times when we have needed someone to talk to or offer advice.

So who is Cynthia?


And according to her own autobiography.

I attended Pima Community College in Arizona received an A.A. in Accounting. Also attended University of Arizona, but did not graduate (Long story). I actually graduated (finally!) from University of Phoenix with my B.S. in Accounting in 2011. I currently serve as Treasurer at my church. I never studied theology or apologetics formally. All my knowledge is self taught because of trying to find the truth about Christianity after leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses. My first exposure to apologetics was listening to Walter Martin every day on the radio and sending for materials written at the CRI.

While she is self-taught, that self-teaching has gone a long ways. I really hope you’ll learn a lot more about Jehovah’s Witnesses and especially from one who has been in the mindset. In order to interact with this group you need to know more than what they think about Jesus and God and the Bible. You need to know how they think. I had my eyes opened to this years ago when my roommate at the time and I actually went to a Kingdom Hall to see what goes on in a Jehovah’s Witness service. We were thoroughly stunned and to this day I say that it is one of the creepiest events that I have ever been to. Indeed, it is the closest to brainwashing that I have ever personally seen.

Cynthia from her perspective will tell us how it is that a Jehovah’s Witness thinks and will hopefully open your eyes to this world. These people could one day come knocking on your door after all and you need to be ready to say what needs to be said. Jehovah’s Witnesses do also know their Bibles very well and if you are not prepared, as former CRI president Walter Martin would say, you will be turned into a doctrinal pretzel in 90 seconds or less. Don’t become a doctrinal pretzel. Listen to someone who has been there and learn how to answer the witness that comes to your door.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

  • Peter A.

    I’m not afraid of the Jehovah’s Witnesses; in fact, I welcome their appearance on my doorstep because I know how to get them into the ‘doctrinal pretzel’ that you speak of here (and in less than 90 seconds too). You would be really surprised how many of them cannot address simple questions like, “If Adam and Eve were the first – and only – two people from whom all are descended, and they they had two sons (Cain and Abel), then where did Cain’s wife, which is mentioned in Genesis, come from?”

    They don’t come around anymore, unfortunately. I used to have a lot of fun with them, but I guess they just couldn’t handle my personality. Oh well 🙁

    • You familiar with John Walton and N.T. Wright? Both contend that it’s not the case that Adam and Eve were the only humans.

      • Peter A.

        As I understand it, most Christians (including the Jehovah’s Witnesses) believe that Adam and Eve actually were the only two, even though from a strictly biological perspective such a small gene pool would have almost certainly doomed the human race from the very beginning.

        I can’t say that I am familiar with Walton and Wright, but if they claim this then I have to say that, yes, they are right. Even though I am not myself a Christian I have read the book of Genesis, and the impression it gave me was that there are actually two creaton accounts within it, the second one commencing from about Chapter 2, verse 3, and not just one as many people believe.