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Enjoy the wisdom of scholarly people as Nick interviews them on their books, writings, and hot topics in the church and Christian apologetics. Listen to the interviews below or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.


June 13th Ron Campbell on Worldviews and the Problem of Evil

May 23rd Justin Bass on The Bedrock of Christianity

May 16th Phylicia Masonheimer on Stop Calling Me Beautiful

May 2nd Lisa Brockman on Out of Zion.

April 25th Sheila Wray Gregiore on sex and marriage.

April 18th Matthew Schneider on being an autistic Catholic priest

April 11th Tom Hobson on The Historical Jesus and the Historical Joseph Smith.

April 4th Gil Sanders on Thomism

March 28th Phylicia Masonheimer on Stop Calling Me Beautiful (Pushed back due to guest having personal sickness)

March 21st Robert McIver on Jesus and memory

March 14th Douglas Jacoby on Origins

March 7th Rescheduling Gil Sanders on Thomism

February 29th Shane O’Neill on pornography

February 22th Annie Lobert on Fallen and sex trafficking

Feburary 15th No show due to wife’s event

February 8th Tae Shin on love and marriage.

February 1st postponed

January 25th no show

January 18th Josh Brahm on Equal Rights and Abortion

January 11th Trent Horn on abortion

January 4th no show


December 28th Craig Keener on Christobiography

December 21st Phil Tallon on Christ and Culture

December 14th Mary DeMuth on WeToo

December 7th Bethany McKinney Fox on Disability and the Way of Jesus.

November 30th TBA

November 23rd Paul Sullins on Catholic priest scandals and if homosexuals are born that way.

November 16th Hillary Morgan Ferrer on Mama Bear Apologetics

November 9th no show

November 2nd Tyler McNabb on Religious Epistemology

October 26th Michael Heiser on The World Turned Upside Down: Finding the Gospel in Stranger Things.

October 19th Stephen Parrish on Atheism: A Critical Analysis

October 12th Eric Chabot on The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah

October 5th No show

September 28th Mary Jo Sharp on Why I Still Believe

September 21st Brandon Showalter on tensions in the LGBT community

September 14th Michelle Cretella on transgenderism

September 7th Fuz Rana on transhumanism and Humans 2.0.

August 31st Lee Strobel on The Case For Miracles

August 24th Troy Frasier on Revived Thoughts.

August 17th Jennifer Roback Morse on The Sexual State

August 10th Ken Samples on Classic Christian Thinkers

August 3rd Rob Bowman on the Apologetics Book Club and the importance of reading

July 27th Hillary Ferrer on Mama Bear Apologetics (rescheduled)

July 20th Andrew Bartlett on Men and Women in Christ

July 13th No show. Prior engagement

July 6th Bruce Baker on For Thou Art With Me

June 29th John Walton on The Lost World of the Torah

June 22nd Technical difficulties

June 15th Technical difficulties

June 8th Jason Jolin on Ready…Set…God

June 1st J.P. Holding on research methodology

May 25th Still moving

May 18th Moving

May 11th At High School Reunion

May 4th Evan Minton interviews me on Aspergers

April 27th Per Ewert on Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Empty Tomb

April 20th Postponed

April 13th Jonathan Greer on Behind The Scenes of the Old Testament

April 6th Richard Averbeck on Old Testament slavery

March 30th Timothy Tennent on Hinduism and Buddhism

March 23rd David Dockery on the Worldview Study Bible

March 16th H.C. Felder on An African-American Guide to the Bible

March 9th TBA

March 2nd Greg Speck on Sex: It’s Worth The Wait

February 23rd J. Parker on Pillow Talk

February 16th Michael and Sarah Chardovoyne on marriage struggles

February 9th

February 2nd Craig and Medine Keener on Impossible Love.

January 26th Postponed

January 19th John Ferrer on abortion

January 12th George Brahm on abortion and philosophy

January 5th Rebekah Valerius on abortion and social justice


December 29th Postponed

December 22nd Postponed

December 15th Tim Perry on Mary for Evangelicals

December 8th Richard Shenk on The Virgin Birth of Christ (Which I do affirm)

December 1st Hugh Ross on Always Be Ready

November 24th With family for Thanksgiving. No show.

November 17th Cancelled

November 10th Kyle Greenwood on Since The Beginning (Doing again later)

November 3rd Cancelled

October 27th Doug Beaumont and Jefrey Breshears, a Catholic and a Protestant dialogue.

October 20th TBA

October 13th Glenn Sunshine on the Reformation

October 6th Jim Payton and Father Barnabas Powell, a Protestant and an Orthodox priest discuss

September 29th, Ross Hickling on Richard Carrier and the resurrection of Jesus.

September 22nd Tim O’Neill on Jesus Mythicism and the Dark Ages

September 15th Erick Erickson on politics and Christianity

September 8th Greg Cootsona on Mere Science and Christian Faith

September 1st Allie Licona Peters on Suicide Awareness

August 25th Matthew Levering on Proofs of God

August 18th Holly Pivec on God’s Super-Apostles

August 11st Michael Heiser on Mormons and JWs

August 4th [cancelled]

July 28th Brian Godawa on Preterism

July 21st Louis Markos on Atheism On Trial

July 14th Abdu Murray on Saving Truth

July 7th Eric Johnson on Sharing Jesus With Mormons

June 30th John Stewart on In Defense of the Gospels

June 23rd Danny Akin on God On Sex

June 16th Jason Oakes on Sharing Jesus With the Cults

June 9th Tremper Longman on The Lost World of the Flood

June 2nd Rob Bowman and Sean Killackey on Jehovah’s Witnesses

May 26th Kenneth Stewart on In Search of Ancient Roots

May 19th Away at Mentionables Conference

May 12th Matt Delockery on Christology in Colossians

May 5th J.P. Holding talks about Bart Ehrman’s The Triumph of Christianity and his own The Impossible Faith.

April 28th Nick Peters on The Problem Of Evil

April 21st Ted Wright on the Exodus and the Conquest

April 14th Hugh and Kathy Ross join me to talk about marriage and Aspergers

April 7th My wife Allie joins me to talk about our lives and our marriage with Aspergers

March 31st Debi and Tom Walter on Cherishing Us

March 24th Edward T. Wright on Biographies and Jesus

March 17th Rhonda Stoppe on If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy

March 10th Corey Miller on Leaving Mormonism.

March 3rd Nick reviews Bart Ehrman’s The Triumph of Christianity

February 24th Scott Means on The Path of Intimacy

February 17th Paul and Lori Byerly on marriage.

February 10th Rosaria Butterfield on Openness Unhindered.

February 3rd Nick speaks on marriage.

January 27th Nancy Pearcey on Love Thy Body

January 20th Scott Henderson on Death and Donation

January 13th George Delgado on the abortion pill

January 6th Clinton Wilcox critiquing Pro-Choice and Christian


December 30th. Michael Heiser on Mormons and JWs. (Postponed due to a power outage)

December 23rd No show. Plan to be traveling for Christmas.

December 16th Andy Bannister on An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an.

December 13th Special edition with Jerry Walls and Ken Collins on Roman, But Not Catholic

December 9th Brian Godawa on Remnant

December 2nd Panel Discussion on Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation.

November 25th Brett Kunkle on Maven.

November 18th Jeff Myers on Summit Ministries.

November 11th Richard Bauckham on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

November 4th J.P. Holding on Conspiracy theories

October 28th Bill Honsberger on Wicca

October 21st John Walton on The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest

October 14th Clay Jones on Why Does God Allow Evil?

October 7th Ross Clifford on a Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection

October 6th Sean McDowell on Evidence That Demands A Verdict

September 30th Don Veinot on escaping cults.

September 23rd Kevin Schut on Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games.

September 16th Had plans with Allie for today.

September 9th The Mentionables

September 2nd Rebecca Lemke on The Purity Culture

August 26th Gerard Verschuuren on Aquinas on Modern Science

August 19th Dan Story on Will Dogs Chase Cats In Heaven?

August 12th Michael Bird on Jesus The Eternal Son

August 5th Bryan Sands on Everyone Loves Sex, So Why Wait?

July 29th Tony Costa on the resurrection

July 22nd Sam Andreades on Engendered

July 15th Hugh Ross on if September 23, 2017 is of any significance.

July 8th R. James Sawyer on Resurrecting The Trinity.

July 1st Ted Cabal on Controversy of the Ages.

June 24th Rosaria Butterfield on her story as a former lesbian.

June 17 Seth Ehorn on Composite Quotations in Scripture

June 10 Jayson Georges on Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures.

June 3 J. Alan Branch on Born This Way?

May 27 Brian Godawa on Tyrant: Rise of the Beast

May 20th Matthew Bates on Salvation by Allegiance Alone

May 13th Craig Blomberg on The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

May 6th Greg Koukl on The Story of Reality.

April 29th Jayson Georges on Ministering In Honor-Shame Cultures (rescheduled due to technical difficulties)

April 22nd Ken Samples on God Among Sages

April 15th J Warner Wallace on Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

April 8th Michael Brown on Messianic Judaism

April 1st Stephen Bedard on being an autistic pastor

March 25th Michael Chung on The Last King of Israel

March 18th Sam Shamoun on Answering Islam. (Will be done later due to going to a funeral)

March 11th Mike Licona on Why Are There Differences In The Gospels?

March 4th Beth Sheppard on The Craft of History And The Study of the New Testament.

February 25th Matthew Bates on The Birth of the Trinity.

February 18th Peter Leithart on Defending Constantine

February 11th Les and Jan Grebe on Marriage Moments

February 4th. John Granger on continued Pottermania

January 28th Brian Johnson on educating the church on abortion.

January 21st Christopher Kaczor on The Ethics of Abortion.

January 14th Elijah Thompson on abortion and the violinist.

January 7th Ty Benbow on women and abortion.


December 17th Jeffrey Weima on Paul The Ancient Letter Writer.

December 10 Out of town for a wedding.

December 3 Dr. Hugh Ross on The Improbable Planet.

November 26 Matthew Dickerson on From Homer To Harry Potter.

November 19 David Sorrell on Transgenderism (re-recording due to sound difficulties)

November 12 J. Parker on Hot, Holy, and Humorous.

November 5 John Koessler on The Radical Pursuit of Rest

October 29 Kim Wier on Redeeming Halloween.

October 22 Mike Licona and Gary Habermas answer your questions on the resurrection.

October 15 Mike Licona on Gospel Reliability

October 8 Mary Flo Ridley on talking to children about sex.

October 1 With Allie at Anime Weekend Atlanta

September 24th Kathryn Applegate and J.B. Stump on How I Changed My Mind About Evolution.

September 17th Tyler Vela on Measuring McAfee

September 10th William Webb on Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals

September 3rd I will be speaking at Apologetics Academy

August 27th Holly Ordway on Cultural Apologetics

August 20th Eric Eve on Writing The Gospels (postponed due to attending a funeral)

August 13th James Patrick Holding on conspiracy theory thinking. (postponed due to attending a funeral)

August 6th Larry Hurtado on Destroyer of the Gods.

July 30th Robert Stein on the Gospel of Mark

July 23rd Off for anniversary

July 16th Craig Evans on Jesus and the Remains of His Day

July 9th Freda Bush on Talking to kids about sex.

July 2nd John J. Collins on Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudipgrapa.

June 25th Jonathan Leeman on Political Church

June 18th: Paul Vitz on Faith of the Fatherless

June 11th Tom Gilson on Critical Conversations: Teenagers and homosexuality

June 4th Sean McDowell on The Fate of the Apostles

May 28 Francis Beckwith on Taking Rites Seriously

May 21 Chadwick Thornhill on The Chosen People.

May 14 Walt Heyer on transgender issues.

May 7 Justin Peters on faith healers  (To be rescheduled)

April 30 Luke Cawley on The Myth of the Non-Christian

April 23 Jackson Wu on One Gospel for All Nations.

April 16 Richard Bauckham on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

April 9 Ron Sandison on his life with autism.

April 2 No show due to personal sickness

March 26th Gary Habermas on the Resurrection.

March 19th Jonathan Grant on Divine Sex.

March 12th Pastor Matthew Peeples on church planting.

March 5th Toothache. No show.

February 27 Allie’s grandparents in town. No show.

February 20 Moving. No show.

February 13 Mark Antonacci on Test The Shroud

February 6 Chris Tilling on Paul’s Divine Christology (Failed to record due to technical difficulties)

January 30 Daniel Rodger on abortion in the U.K.

January 23 Lori Peters on abortion.

January 16 Milan and Kay Yerkovich on How We Love.

January 9 J. Steve Miller on Near-Death Experiences.

January 2 Mark Strauss on Jesus Behaving Badly


December 26 No show for Christmas break.

December 19 Kyle Greenwood on Scripture and Cosmology (Rescheduling due to technical difficulties

December 12 Tremper Longman and John Walton on How To Read Job (Rescheduling)

December 5 Craig Keener on the book of Acts

November 28 Philip Wiebe on Visions of Jesus

November 21 J. Warner Wallace on God’s Crime Scene

November 14 Jay Hall and Ben Smith debate the age of the Earth

November 7 David Capes on Slow To Judge.

October 31 Mark Hunnemann on Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes

October 24 David Wilkie on Art and Apologetics

October 17th Ken Samples on alien abductions

October 10th Rodney Reeves and Randy Richards on Rediscovering Jesus.

October 3rd Postponed

September 26th Postponed

September 19th Rob Bowman on Joseph Smith’s seer stone and Mormonism.

September 12th Michael Sherrard on Relational Apologetics

September 5th Roger Maxson’s personal testimony on the importance of apologetics.

August 29th Rodney Reeves and Randy Richards on Rediscovering Paul.

August 22nd Greg Monette on the burial of Jesus

August 15th Andy Bannister on The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist.

August 8th Win Corduan on In The Beginning God

August 1st Dee Dee Warren on It’s Not The End of the World.

July 25th Away celebrating my fifth anniversary with Allie. No show.

July 18th Glenn Stanton on Why Marriage Matters

July 11th We grill Mike Licona on the resurrection and the historical Jesus.

July 4th No show for the 4th of July

June 27 Greg West on The Poached Egg.

June 20 Debra Hirsch (To be added later)

June 13 Albert McilHenny on Jesus Mythicism.

June 6 E. Calvin Beisner on Prosperity and Poverty.

May 30 George Yancey on So Many Christians, So Few Lions.

May 23 David Marshall on How Jesus Passes The Outsider Test

May 16 Matthew Flannagan on Did God Really Command Genocide?

May 9 Tyler Vela and I discuss David McAfee.

May 2 Cynthia Hampton on Jehovah’s Witnesses.

April 25 Paul Compton on Fatherhood, autism, and apologetics.

April 18 Stephen Bedard on How To Make Your Church Autism Friendly. 

April 11 Sarah Ankenman on Motherhood, autism, and apologetics.

April 4 Dan Ventress and I discuss our lives as apologists with Aspergers. 

March 28 Guest could not make it.

March 21 Cancelled due to flu.

March 14 Jerry Walls on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

March 7 John Walton on The Lost World of Adam and Eve.

February 28 Justin Langford joins us to talk about forgeries in the New Testament.

February 21 Tawa Anderson joins us to talk about worldview thinking.

February 7 Werner Mischke  Talks about his book “The Global Gospel“.

January 31 Dave Sterrett  Talks about his book “Aborting Aristotle“.

January 24 Dee Dee Warren  gives her story and past experience with abortion.

January 17 Peter D. Williams joins us to talk about abortion in the U.K.

January 03 Jay Watts of the Life Training Institute discusses abortion with Nick.


December 27 Dr. Bob Stewart discusses the upcoming apologetics conference in New Orleans in January 2015.

December 20 Paul Rainbow discusses Johannine Theology.

December 13 Louis Markos discusses Apologetics For the 21st Century.

November 29  Debate on Hell. Chris Date vs. J.P. Holding

November 22 Adam’s Road on Mormonism with Musical Interlude

November 15 Lynn Wilder on Unveiling Grace

November 8 Kurt Jaros on various topics

November 1 David James on the Harbinger

October 25 Marcia Montenegro on Halloween and the New Age

October 11 Graham Veale on The New Atheism: A Survival Guide.”

October 4 James Sire on his life in apologetics

September 27 Darrell Bock on Truth Matters (Original Audio, Digitally Improved Audio)

September 20 Rick Mattson on Faith is Like Skydiving.

September 6 Lenny Esposito on Science and Scientism in the church and college campus apologetics ministry.

August 30 R. Scott Smith on In Search of Moral Knowledge

August 23 Lee McDonald on the Biblical Canon

August 16 Joe Mulvihill on the pagan copycat theory

August 9 David Capes on the Voice.

August 2 Clay Jones on the problem of evil.

July 19 Paul Copan on Is God A Moral Monster?

July 12 Mike Licona on Plutarch research and its impact on the Gospels.

July 5 Bill Fortenberry on the faith of the founding fathers of America

June 28 Donald Williams on Mere Humanity.

June 21 Braxton Hunter on The Core Facts

June 14 James K. Dew Jr. and Mark Foreman on “How Do We Know?”

June 7 Abdu Murray on The Grand Central Question

May 31 Joseph Hinman on religious experience.

May 24 Peter Davids on the Catholic Epistles. (Unrecorded due to technical difficulties)

May 17 E. Randolph Richards on Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes

May 10 Mary Poplin on Is Reality Secular?

May 3 Robert Kolb on the Reformation

April 26 Craig Blomberg on Can We Still Believe The Bible?

April 19 Daniel Wallace on the Textual Reliability of the NT

April 12 Jay Richards on Money, Greed, and God

April 5 Hugh Ross on Aspergers and Apologetics

March 29 Round Table discussion on How God Became Jesus

March 22 Charles Hill on the early text of the NT and Canonization

March 15 Darrell Bock on the historicity of Luke-Acts

March 8 Mary Jo Sharp on Why Apologetics?

March 1 Craig Evans on the Dead Sea Scrolls

February 22 Lynn Cohick on Jesus and Women

February 15 Tom Gilson on Peter Boghossian and his street epistemologists.

February 8 Don Johnson on How To Talk To A Skeptic

February 1 Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas

January 25 Freda Bush on abortion’s medical effects on women.

January 18 No show due to technical difficulties

January 11 Clinton Wilcox on Abortion.

January 3 Gretchen Passantino Coburn on the beauty of life.


December 28 David Andrew Robertson on Magnificent Obsession

December 21 Anthony McRoy on Christmas Traditions

December 14 Eric Chabot on Jesus and Judaism

December 7 Ben Witherington on the birth narratives

November 30  Paul Maier on Ancient Historiography

November 23 J.P. Holding on Hitler’s Christianity

November 16 John Granger on Harry Potter and Christianity

November 9 Greg Ganssle on God and evil

November 2 David Wood on the Problem of Evil

October 26 Brent Sandy on The Lost World of Scripture

October 19 Benjamin Wiker on How To Think About God On A Plane

October 12 Jeff Harshbarger on the Occult

October 5 Robert Gagnon on The Bible and Homosexuality

September 28 Ex-homosexuals

September 21 Jon Stewart of Ratio Christi International

September 14 Holly Ordway on Literary Apologetics

September 7 Dr. Freda Bush on the hook-up culture

August 31 Jonathan Pennington on Reading the Gospels Wisely

August 24 Andrew Pitts on NT Forgeries

August 17 Bill McKeever on Mormonism

August 10 Craig Keener on Miracles

August 3 I speak on homosexuality and the Bible

July 27 Chris Winchester on Richard Carrier

July 20 Tim McGrew on apologetics

July 13 I give general apologetics talk

July 6 J. Warner Wallace on Cold-Case Christianity

June 29 Mike Licona on the Resurrection

June 22 John Walton on The Lost World of Genesis 1

June 15 Alan Shlemon on Islam

June 8 James Hannam on Medieval Science

June 1 Craig Blomberg on The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

May 25 E. Calvin Beisner on Environmentalism

May 18 Justin Brierley of Unbelievable?

May 11 Kurt Jaros of Real Clear Apologetics

May 4 Nabeel Qureshi on Islam

April 27 Megan Almon on abortion

April 20 David Instone-Brewer on The Jesus Scandals

April 13 I talk about JWs

April 6 Jacob Alexander on raising an Aspie

March 30 Rob Bowman on the Trinity

Easter 2013 Gary Habermas on the Resurrection.

March 23 Greg Koukl on Tactics.

March 16 Steve Gregg on Preterism

Mike Licona

Professor at Houston Baptist University “God has given this brilliant young man a passion for using the mind–which is often neglected by Christians–to reach the seeker and the doubter. He is resilient, focused, and disciplined.”

Gary R. Habermas

Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University “I have known Nick Peters for a couple of years and, in spite of several serious physical ailments, he excels at graduate level research, writing, debate/dialogue, and evangelistic efforts with those of other faiths. I commend his ministry.”

Tim McGrew

Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University “Practical apologetics requires more than just knowledge, though it does take that; it also requires wisdom in its application. I am grateful that Nick has both and that he makes time, faithfully, to share that knowledge and wisdom with the wider Christian community.”

Craig Blomberg

Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary “I am very impressed with what I have seen and heard. And during the two hours I was interviewed, Nick Peters was the most informed show host I have ever encountered. I think he knew my book, on which the interview was based, well enough to have been the interviewee himself.”

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