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Adam’s Road — Ex-Mormon missionaries and musical interlude

Anderson, Tawa — On Worldview Thinking

Ankenman, Sarah — On Motherhood and Aspergers

Alexander, Jacob — In The Belly of the Whale (About Aspergers)

Almon, Megan — On Abortion

Antonacci, Mark — On Test The Shroud

Applegate, Kathryn and J.B. Stump on How I Changed My Mind About Evolution.

Bannister, Andy — The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist.

Bates, Matthew — On The Birth of the Trinity

Bates, Matthew — On Salvation By Allegiance Alone

Bauckham, Richard — Responding to Ehrman’s Jesus Before The Gospels and talking about his own book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses.

Bauckham, Richard — On the second edition of Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

Beckwith, Francis — On Taking Rites Seriously

Bedard, Stephen — On How To Make Your Church Autism Friendly

Bedard, Stephen — On being an autistic pastor

Biesner, E. Calvin — On Prosperity and Povery

Beisner, E. Calvin — On environmentalism

Bird, Michael, Chris Tilling, and Charles Hill — How God Became Jesus

Bird, Michael — On Jesus: The Eternal Son

Blomberg, Craig — Can We Still Believe The Bible?

Blomberg, Craig — On The Reliability of the Gospels

Blomberg, Craig — On The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

Bock, Darrell — On the historicity of Luke-Acts

Bock, Darrell — On Truth Matters

Bowman, Rob — On The Trinity

Bowman, Rob — On Joseph Smith’s seer stone

Branch, J. Alan — On Born This Way?

Brierley, Justin — On Unbelievable?

Brown, Michael — On Jesus As The Jewish Messiah

Bush, Freda — On The Hook-Up Culture

Bush, Freda — On abortion

Bush, Freda — On Talking To Your teens About Sex

Cabal, Ted — On Controversy of the Ages

Capes, David — On The Voice Bible Translation

Capes, David — On Slow To Judge

Cawley, Luke — On The Myth of the Non-Christian

Chabot, Eric — On evangelizing Jews

Chung, Michael — On The Last King of Israel

Clifford, Ross — On Leading’s Lawyers’ Case For The Resurrection

Coburn, Gretchen Passantino — On The Beauty Of Life

Cohick, Lynn — On Jesus and Women

Compton, Paul — On Fatherhood and Apologetics

Copan, Paul — On Is God A Moral Monster?

Corduan, Win — In The Beginning God.

Costa, Tony — On The Resurrection of Jesus

Dickerson, Matthew — On From Homer To Harry Potter

Ehorn, Seth — On Composite Quotations

Esposito, Lenny — On scientism and college campus ministry

Evans, Craig — On The Dead Sea Scrolls

Evans, Craig — On Jesus and the Remains of His Day.

Fortenberry, Bill — On The Founding Fathers

Gagnon, Robert — On The Bible And Homosexual Practice

Ganssle, Greg — On thinking about God and the problem of evil

Georges, Jayson — On Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures and his 1 Peter Honor-Shame Paraphrase.

Gilson, Tom — On True Reason

Gilson, Tom — On Critical Conversations. (How to talk about homosexuality with your teenagers.

Godawa, Brian — Nero as the beast of Revelation.

Goodacre, Mark — On Q and the Gospel of Thomas

Granger, John — On Christianity and Harry Potter

Granger, John — On Pottermania in 2017.

Grant, Jonathan — On Divine Sex

Grebe, Les and Jan — On Marriage Moments

Gregg, Steve — On Preterism

Habermas, Gary — On The Resurrection

Habermas, Gary, and Mike Licona —- Part 1 of answering your resurrection questions

Hall, Jay and Ben Smith — Debate on the Age of the Earth

Hampton, Cynthia — On Jehovah’s Witnesses

Hannam, James — On Medieval Science

Harshbarger, Jeff — On The Occult

Heyer, Walt — On Transgender issues

Hill, Charles — On The Early Text of the New Testament and Who Chose The Gospels?

Hinman, Joseph — On The Trace of God

Holding, J.P. — On Hitler’s Christianity.

Holding, J.P. — On conspiracy theories.

Hunnemann, Mark — On Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes

Hunter, Braxton — On The Core Facts

Hurtado, Larry — On The Destroyer of the Gods.

Instone-Brewer, David — On The Jesus Scandals

James, David — On The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?

Jaros, Kurt — On Real Clear Apologetics

Jaros, Kurt — General apologetics talk

Johnson, Brian —- On Abortion and Apologetics

Johnson, Don — On How To Talk To A Skeptic

Jones, Clay — On the problem of evil

Jones, Clay — On Why Does God Allow Evil?

Kaczor, Christopher — On The Ethics of Abortion.

Keener, Craig — On The Book of Acts

Koessler, John — On The Radical Pursuit of Rest.

Kolb, Robert — On The Reformation

Koukl, Greg — On Tactics

Koukl, Greg — On The Story of Reality

Langford, Justin — On Forgeries in the New Testament

Lemke, Rebecca — On The Scarlet Virgins and the Purity Culture.

Licona, Mike — The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach

Licona, Mike — Plutarch and the Gospels

Licona, Mike — Hard Questions on the New Testament

Licona, Mike — On Gospel Reliability

Licona, Mike — On Why Are There Differences In The Gospels?

Maier, Paul — On historiography and Jesus

Markos, Louis — On Apologetics for the 21st Century

Marshall, David — On How Jesus Passes The Outsider Test

Mattson, Rick — On Faith Is Like Skydiving

Maxson, Roger — On his personal testimony on the importance of apologetics

McDowell, Sean — On The Fate of the Apostles

McDowell, Sean — On Evidence That Demands A Verdict

McGrew, Tim — on General Apologetics

McIlHenny, Albert — On Jesus Mythicism

McKeever, Bill — on Mormonism

McRoy, Anthony — On Christmas

Miller, J. Steve — On Near-Death Experiences

Mischke, Werner — On The Global Gospel

Monette, Greg — On the burial of Jesus

Montenegro, Marcia — On the occult

Mulvihill, Joe — On Pagan Copycats

Murray, Abdu — On The Grand Central Question

Ordway, Holly — On Literary Apologetics

Ordway, Holly — On Cultural Apologetics

Parker, J — On Hot, Holy, and Humorous

Peeples, Matthew — On church planting

Pennington, Jonathan — On Reading The Gospels Wisely.

Peters, Lori — On women and abortion

Peters, Nick — Jehovah’s Witnesses

Peters, Nick — On homosexuality and the Bible.

Peters, Nick — My talk at William Lane Craig’s Defenders on Is The Disabled My Neighbor?

Peters, Nick — Talk on Bellator Christi on Jesus mythicism.

Peters, Nick, and Joel Furches and Neil Hess — The Mentionables.

Pitts, Andrew — On Forgeries

Poplin, Mary — On Is Reality Secular?

Qureshi, Nabeel — On Islam.

Rainbow, Paul — On Johannine Theology

Reeves, Rodney and Randy Richards — On Rediscovering Jesus

Reeves, Rodney and Randy Richards — On Rediscovering Paul

Richards, E. Randolph — On Misreading Scriptures With Western Eyes

Ridley, Mary Flo — On talking to your children about sex.

Robertson, David — On Magnificent Obsession

Rodgers, Daniel — On abortion in the U.K.

Ross, Hugh — On Apologetics, Aspergers, and Astronomy.

Ross, Hugh — On The Improbable Planet.

Samples, Ken — On resurrection appearances and alien abductions

Samples, Ken —- On God Among Sages

Sandison, Ron — On Autism and Aspergers

Sands, Bryan — On Everyone Loves Sex, So Why Wait?

Sandy, Brent — On The Lost World of Scripture

Sawyer, M. James — On Resurrecting The Trinity

Schut, Kevin — On Of Games And GodOf Games And God.

Sharp, Mary Jo — On Why Apologetics?

Sheppard, Beth — On The Craft of History and the Study of the New Testament

Sherrard, Michael — On Relational Apologetics

Shlemon, Alan — On Islam

Sire, James — On his life in apologetics

Smith, Scott — On In Search of Moral Knowledge

Stein, Robert — On The Gospel of Mark

Stewart, Bob — On New Orleans’s Defend The Faith Conference

Stewart, Jon — On Ratio Christi International

Strauss, Mark — On Jesus Behaving Badly

Thompson, Elijah —- On Abortion

Thornhill, Chadwick — On The Chosen People

Veale, Graham — On New Atheism: A Survival Guide

Veinot, Don — On recognizing and escaping cults

Vela, Tyler — On David McAfee

Vela, Tyler — On Measuring McAfee

Ventress, Dan — On Life As An Apologist With Aspergers

Verschuuren, Gerard — On Aquinas and Modern Science

Wallace, Dan — On Textual Criticism

Wallace, J Warner — God’s Crime Scene

Wallace, J Warner — Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

Walls, Jerry — On Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

Walton, John — The Lost World of Genesis One

Walton, John — The Lost World of Adam and Eve

Warren, DeeDee — On her personal story of abortion

Watts, Jay — On Abortion

Weima, Jeffrey — On Paul: The Ancient Letter Writer

West, Greg — On The Poached Egg

Wiebe, Phillip — On Visions and Appearances of Jesus

Wier, Kim On Redeeming Halloween

Wiker, Benjamin — On How To Think About God On A Plane.

Wilcox, Clinton — On Abortion

Wilder, Lynn — On Unveiling Grace and Mormonism

Wilkie, David — On Coffee With Jesus

Williams, Donald — On Mere Humanity

Williams, Peter D. — On abortion in the U.K.

Winchester, Chris — On Jesus mythicism

Wood, David — On The Problem of Evil

Wu, Jackson — One Gospel For All Nations

Yancey, George — On So Many Christians, So Few Lions

Yerkovich, Milan and Kay — On How We Love

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