Questions About Nick Peters

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Sure. My birthday is 9/19/1980 and I was born in Corryton, TN just outside of Knoxville. I was raised in a Christian home and found out about apologetics while I was in Bible College and my passion was set from then on. I have a Bachelor’s in preaching and Bible from Johnson University and I’m working on a Master’s in New Testament there. I am especially interested in the historical Jesus and the resurrection. I am also an advocate for traditional marriage having been married to my wife Allie Licona Peters since July of 2010. We are both diagnosed with Aspergers and we have a cat named Shiro. My other interests include reading, video games, and popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or The Flash and other shows. I’m also extremely sarcastic so you’ve been warned.

Why the name Deeper Waters?

I chose the name because I think Christians are staying shallow way too often and not exploring the deepness of the Christian tradition. It’s kind of an amusing name for me too. I’m actually scared of water due to a traumatic experience as a young boy at the beach. My wife is working on it so one day that might change.

Why should I bother listening to you?

You only should if you think what I say is true and worthwhile, and please do check. Still, even without advanced degrees at this point, I’ve spent a number of years reading and learning all that I can and you can find my endorsements here.

What can you tell me about your podcast?

The podcast is an event I try to do weekly. Originally, I had thought guests would be a rarity, but that seems to be what people have liked so far. For the most part, I get my own guests and I do the work of editing and such. I can’t promise the best quality always because this is still a low-budget production, but I think the quality of the speakers still gets out there. I encourage you to please consider putting up a review on ITunes of the Podcast and if you want to hear any past shows, you can go to the archive page here.

Can I get you to come to my event?

Sure. I’m always open for speaking. I can be reached at If it involves long-distance travel, I do prefer that my wife come along with me as she is my rock and my support and I would hope for at least a love offering. If you can’t afford travel, I would be glad to speak via such a means as Skype.

How can I support your ministry?

I assume you mean by means other than prayer and encouraging emails and such, which are always appreciated. If you want to financially support us, go to this link. That’s the ministry of my father-in-law Michael Licona. You make your donation there and then you contact me or my mother-in-law Debbie or Mike himself and say you made the donation and you want it to go to Deeper Waters. Your donation will be tax-deductible. Monthly donors would be appreciated as you are the bread and butter of what we do around here. You can also go here and use the access code “LOVE” to purchase jewelry from my friend Layna Clester. Let her know that you bought and want to support Deeper Waters and 25% will come our way.

Do you have any books on Amazon?

I do! They’re all Ebooks at this point. The biggest one that I co-wrote with J.P. Holding is called Defining Inerrancy. We also co-wrote other books such as Groundless, and Christian Answers To This Generation’s Questions. With an atheist I co-wrote God And Natural Disasters. One I have on my own is A Creed For The Ages. My wife and I currently attend The Point which is an excellent Lutheran fellowship that meets in a movie theater here. We regularly say The Apostles’ Creed together and I wrote this so that members of the church could have a reference guide to help them learn the Creed better.

Can you do book reviews?

I do reviews a lot of times for IVP, but I’m willing to try to add in others, though I can make no promises. You can send me a book to review here:

Nick Peters
P.O. Box 1271
Cumming, GA 30028

You can also gift a book on Amazon. If I like your book enough, I might even have you come on my show. On the other hand, you might have a book you’d like me to respond to. Keep in mind I try to read books in my area of expertise, so for instance I will not likely critique something on evolution for example.

You mentioned Aspergers. What is that?

Aspergers is a condition on the autism spectrum that can manifest itself in awkwardness in social situations. It’s easy to become fixated and obsessed on something and you tend to take what people say literally. Aspergers are normally high functioning, though we’re not always as verbal as everyone else. We’re honestly not trying to be rude. We just many times don’t really know what to say. We will also rarely make eye contact. While I am quite skilled at giving sarcasm, it can often be hard to recognize it. While the producers deny it, I think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory fits most of us.

Do you like what you do?

Every day. Life is an adventure. It’s good to be alive.

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