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The Importance of Apologetics with Guest Nick Peters

Jesus Never Existed? Nick v. Ken Humphreys

Tim Hull of the Everyday Apologist interviews Nick Peters on his Ebook co-authored with J.P. Holding, Defining Inerrancy.

Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person of history? Nick Peters on The Mind Renewed.

Nick Peters discusses his book review of atheist apologist David McAfee.

Nick Peters, Inspiring Philosophy, and Max Mills on an atheist hangout together.


Nick teaching William Lane Craig’s Defenders class on “Is The Disabled My Neighbor?


Nick is interviewed on the Bellator Christi Podcast on mythicism.

Nick speaks at Why Should I Believe on the church and autism.

Nick speaks at Ratio Christi at Kennesaw on the resurrection of Jesus.

On Veracity Hill, Kurt Jaros interviews Nick Peters on life with Aspergers.

Matt Delockery interviews Nick Peters on life with Aspergers.

Interview on The Christian Intellectual on Jesus Mythicism.

Interview on The Christian Intellectual on the importance of apologetics.

Interview on Aspergers, sex, marriage, and chastity, on the Scarlet Virgins Podcast.

Debate with Dan Barker on the existence of God.

Talk at Defend 2023 on video games and Christianity

Talk at Defend 2024 on video games and Christianity.

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