A Nation of Wimps

Exactly when did America become one? I saw another news story today about a statue of Moses with the Ten Commandments being removed because some people found it offensive. This boggles my mind how much we in America give in to fear. Could it be we fear violating everyone’s personal god, themselves, expressed through their own prophets, their feelings?

<> Not all offense is wrong of course. There are some things that just shouldn’t be done in public. I do believe in decency laws. There is another kind though where the word offensive isn’t enough. When you hear a story about rape or child abuse or the like, then you should not feel offended. You should feel outraged.

<> Outrage isn’t allowed though. You’ll hurt someone’s feelings. Geez. We need to grow up then instead of having a nation of children. It is a shame we can’t have rage due to the threat that we might actually hurt someone’s feelings. Forget how they treated their victims. Be sensitive and understanding. No. Here’s another idea. Give justice.

<> Yet this permeates our whole society. The employee gives in to the angry customer lest he hurt their feeilngs and they complain to the manager. The manager does the same lest the district manager does the same. The district manager does the same lest the, well, you get the picture.

<> I really think we need to recover the fine art of offending people, especially those of us who are Christians. Why do I say that? Because Christ called us to go out into the world. He did not call us to have the world walk all over us. When they say they don’t want to offend anyone, orthodox Christianity is always the exception. You can say what you want about the Evangelicals. Just don’t insult group X.

<> We don’t need to be needlessy offensive of course, but we need to be tough. The only way we’ll get some people to move is by stepping on their toes. In fact, the gospel should offend people. It should still offend us. Do you like being told that you’re a sinner after all? Do you like that your choices on how you live your life are called into question continually by the carpenter from Nazareth?

<> I speak especially to my fellow men. We need to be men. There was a day when a man was considered to be a warrior. Today, we are turning men into pushovers. Yes. Men and women are ontologically equal, but we are not entirely equal and thank goodness for it. You would rather go on your honeymoon with Danielle than with Daniel if you’re a guy.

<> What’s at stake? Everything. Our story is that we have allowed ourselves to be walked on in the name of political correctness. Truth knows nothing of this. Truth is willing to offend people if it will do them good in the long run. What is the purpose of protecting a feeling that is not only wrong but will lead away from truth?

<> Go out then! Be a warrior!

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