The Epic Bomb

I really like spoofs. People who know me will just be amazed that I find it hilarious to see something that makes fun of stuff constantly. (I can see the eye rolls now) I loved watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I loved watching Spaceballs. I saw a lot of Mafia and I enjoyed that movie as well. Thus, a friend of mine and I decided we’d go see the Epic Movie today.

I’m wondering who I sue to get those two hours of my life back.

It was bad enough that there was probably only one minute of footage worth laughing at in that whole movie.  If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve seen some scenes that look funny. Unfortunately, when you get to those scenes, you’ve seen so much stupidity that you just groan at those.

What concerns me the most is the kind of movie it was. The movie was raunchy entirely. There was far too much profanity in it and it seems that in our culture, sex has replaced comedy. If you can make enough dirty references in a movie, well it’s going to have to be funny by default.

I worry about the generation growing up that sees this as hilarious. While sex is meant to be pleasurable, I fear our society is becoming one that sees its purpose solely as pleasure. Why shouldn’t they since that “horrible inconvenience” of having a kid can be taken care of via abortion?

Indeed, as I watched, I kept thinking that in our society, nothing is sacred. What does that mean when a society has no sacred ideal to follow? What does it mean when apparently pleasure becomes our chief good? Of course, pleasure is not bad, but pleasure as an end in itself?

This leaves a quandary for a person like myself, the Christian single wanting to remain faithful. We think so much about the pleasure of sex, but then we can feel guilty when we see it so prostituted everywhere. As soon as you think about it, it is almost as if you are somehow making a woman into an object.

The Epic Movie is an Epic Bomb, but I am more concerned about the bomb in our culture. I am concerned about people younger than I who are growing up with no idea of what pleasure is, of what sex is, and of what anything of value is. They are a generation that has lost the idea of the sacred. There is nothing beyond their universe but them, and they seek to please themselves as the highest good, and pity anyone else who gets in the way.

We need pleasure pointing to the pleasure of God. We need sex seen as an enjoyable and fascinating act to be enjoyed within marriage. We need to see childbirth as a wonderful event in the life of a family. We need to be drawn back to the God we left behind and realize that there are some things in this world sacred and worth dying for, nay, living for.

The Epic Bomb has gone off. I intend to take it as a wake-up call.

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