I think part of the human drive at least for the male of the species is adventure.

As I go outside my door today to go to work, I go hoping for adventure. If there’s a kid missing in the store or someone possibly stealing something, I’m on it immediately. Most higher-ups don’t really understand. I think any guy would though. We want to be part of something great.

Maybe that’s why we don’t feel satisfied in our lives often. We want there to be something more. A guy like me wants to have a dragon to slay. I want to have a lost treasure to pursue. I want to have a princess to rescue.

Yeah. I’ve read Wild at Heart. I think it’s right on this one. I think of so many of the Final Fantasy games that I love where they often start with one ordinary guy just going about his day and before too long, he’s out saving the world.

Could it be this is something put in us by God? It goes along with the command to be fruitful and subdue the Earth. Explore it. Have fun. Love your wife! Be a man!

Aye. That’s something our culture doesn’t tell us enough of. We men are not told that we have the right to be men. Masculinity has been shunned by the culture and men are becoming increasingly feminized.

Femininity is a wonderful thing, but it is wonderful for females to have it. Masculinity is for us men and we need more men who are men instead of men who are cowards and living under the thumb of political correctness.

I say man is a warrior. Man is meant to fight. Man is meant to be the knight to slay the dragon, find the treasure, and ride off with the princess. The princess is to be a princess, but to win her, the knight must be a knight.

Yes. That drive for adventure is strong, and I think God’s kingdom needs more adventurers who are willing to face the dragons of false ideologies, search for the treasure of truth, and rescue the lost souls for the kingdom.

 Wanna fight?

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