Dead People Stay Dead?

I can understand in some ways someone doubting the resurrection. I can understand in some ways someone doubting miracles. Fair enough. These are questions that need to be answered and can be answered. However, there is one objection that I just don’t put up with. That is the objection that we generally observe that dead people stay dead.

This is where I get angry about the arguments against miracles. This kind of argument assumes that the ancients were stupid people. I would like to point out something obvious. From the beginning, we built tombs for the dead. Why did we do that? It’s this most amazing thing. Dead people stayed dead!

Where do we get off that people believed the resurrection because they were gullible back then? First off, they weren’t. Secondly, even gullible people have their limits. To believe that one ancient says to another “X just came back from the dead” and the other says, “Really?! Cool!” goes beyond reason.

In fact, we can see this with every argument against miracles that’s put forward. What case did the ancients not know about that we moderns do? Did the ancients not know that you can’t walk on water? Did they not know that virgins don’t give birth? Did they not know that food just doesn’t multiply instantaneously?

They knew what we know on these topics. That’s how they recognized miracles. No my friends. The ancients weren’t stupid.  They knew exactly what was unnatural and what was natural. Would that we moderns wouldn’t press our stupidity so often on the ancients.

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