God Did It!

I recall recently having someone challenge me on my reasons for why I believe God exists. I was told to give some and one that I gave is the origin of the universe. I see no way in which the universe could have arisen aside from God. In reply to this, I was told that I was begging the question.

There’s only one way you can be told that you are begging the question in this case. That is if God didn’t do it. If anyone is begging the question, it is the naturalist who is assuming naturalism can explain everything, something that science has never shown or can ever show. We hear much about God of the gaps, but never naturalism of the gaps.

Why is this? It’s almost as if the mention of God doing anything is anathema, which of course it is. We have reached an age where men want to expel the old beliefs of the past and claim their right to deity. Rest assured, if someone wants to knock God off of his throne, something will have to be in his place, and it will most likely be a mirror.

The naturalist has several gaps to explain. Why should we accept it when they say “Just give us time!” I don’t. I accept the Bible has been shown to be accurate and based on the resurrection of Christ, it’s safe for me to think that God could have had something to do with the origin of the universe and that this God has revealed himself in the person of Christ.

I will say that I am against though us suddenly assuming that everything is “God did it!” However, when naturalistic explanations have been thoroughly tried and all evidence even points to something non-naturalistic, let’s go with it. Why would some people not like this idea?

My belief? It could be because of America’s #1 god. That would be sex. God interferes with our current sexual mores. If there is no God though, you can do as you wish sexually. You can watch all the porn you want and sleep around with whoever you want. It’s okay. You’re your own god.

If there is a God though, he has power over you. That is something so horrendous to many that they will gladly choose any other idea to avoid that one.

Let’s not let them. They need to have just as many reasons for believing there is no God as we do for believing there is one.

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