Your Life….And…..ACTION!

I was going to write on something else tonight, I developed a headache as the night went on and I really don’t want to do a lot of research at this point, so I’m writing on another topic. It came to me as I was listening to a modern scholar audio series on my car on the way home. (For the record, Modern Scholar is awesome and I find my drives have been far more constructive since listening to them.)

I’ve been listening to one called “He said/She said” and it’s on the way men and women tend to communicate differently. I find the topic fascinating and as an example, the professor used a scene from a documentary on the Loud family. Now I wasn’t around when this documentary was shot and I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure several have. It was just your typical family where they filmed their daily lives and made a story out of it.

I listened and I was intrigued and then realized that I was being intrigued by a simple conversation. This conversation was no different than one that might happen in many other househoulds. In fact, it might have happened in yours. However, I was an outsider looking in this time and got to see it from a new experience.

I thought about that and wondered about the shows we see on TV today. How many of our lives at home and at work could be turned into a sitcom if we wanted because real life itself is funny and we say and do amusing things? Your situations may not be exactly the same as those on a sitcom, but surely some similarities can be found.

Smallville is my show to watch. Now our lives most likely don’t involve supervillains and saving the world and stopping bad guys in town, but do our lives not have drama? Do we not have cliffhangers be they a doctor’s note or a possible job loss or a financial burden? Maybe from time to time, we do deal with a villain also be it a physical threat or maybe someone who is just insulting to us.

Perchance if we could see our lives from that perspective, we might see what is interesting and exciting. No doubt, our lives aren’t going to be perfect here, but they can be interesting and exciting. In fact, if we are believers in Christ, we should see that life is the great adventure he’s placed us in and to live it is a gift.

So what if you could see that video tape? What if the cameras were rolling? You might change some bad habits and such. We all probably would. However, you might sit back some and laugh at yourself. You might think that maybe your life is more interesting than you thought it was.

Take this to the next level also. Imagine viewing your life in Heaven and this time, getting to see all the ways God was working and you didn’t even know it. Consider the book of Esther. God is never mentioned once, but is it a mere coincidence that the king was troubled by insomnia?

Friend. Your life is interesting. Why? God is in control, and God is an author who enjoys his work. Look for the good. Correct the bad, but enjoy the good as well.

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