Framing the Debate

I was in a debate tonight and we got to the topic of morality. Why does God allow X? What about the morality of such and such a situation? I think these are interesting debates, but I would encourage someone to go along one path when in this debate because it’s easy to discuss secondary issues before primary ones.

When discussing morality, it is often easy to talk past your opponent. I believe the first thing to settle is your opponent’s view of morality. You simply ask by what standard you differentiate between good and evil. This gets us to the first level of the topic and once that gets settled, you can discuss the secondary issues.

In fact, this is a great way to deflate a lot of atheistic arguments as I have yet to see an objective standard of morality in atheism. They may have a system of ethics, but I see no reason why I should follow such a system. It is best to take it back to the bare bones before discussing the OT slaughters and such.

I’ve written little tonight, but I was a bit inconvenienced tonight and just wanted to leave a quick apologetics tip. I hope to write more tomorrow night.

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