Real Revival

Sorry faithful readers, but the net wasn’t too kind last night and when I finished writing my blog, it just wouldn’t load. Thus, I’m here up early in the morning before leaving for work to write the blog. I see no reason at the moment why there won’t be a blog tonight though so let’s get back on schedule.

Yesterday at work, I see that there is a TV on with a minister speaking and I start paying close attention. Before too long, I see that he’s selling what he calls “Blood of Jesus Oil” along with a packet of 100 emergency Scripture passages. An example was used of a girl who was said to be demon-possessed (Although the only evidence I saw was that she felt like she was) and how the oil delivered her. I was thinking she only traded one magic for another kind.

Of course, the gospel is not magic. However, to use an item like that and expect the supernatural must respond is. In many ways, it seems like Scripture has then become a spell book of sorts. You’re not feeling happy today? Quote passage X of the Scriptures and watch your troubles flee. Counselors know better. A lot of Christians have been hurt by well meaning others who just say “Go read your Bible and pray.”

Another account came later of a man who was said to have been blind and then at the age of 75, he now has his driver’s license. I’m skeptical of this one as well, but let us get to the main point. Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that this is really a miracle and he has been healed by supernatural power.

So what?

Some people are shocked that I’d say that. I’m thankful it’d give evidence of the supernatural, but I don’t see any reason to heed such an event. If I’m looking at a ministry that is claiming miracles, I think it’s best to look at what they teach first. Does it match that which I find in Scripture?

Scripture warns me enough times to be on the lookout for those who perform miracles but are not in the truth. Christ warns us to be on the look out for false signs and false Christs. He also tells us that many will claim to have done miracles and wonders but in the end, they never knew him. Naturally, I can’t speak for the salvation of anyone in the account I saw, but it is a warning to consider.

Miracles are not the sign that God is working. He can work through miracles, but they are not the proof. What is the best sign of God working? Simple. It’s Christlikeness. When the church gets to where it starts walking and living more like Christ, then we can be sure that God is working.

Our enemy is said to be able to produce false signs and wonders. There is one thing though that he cannot produce. He cannot produce saints. When Christians start being the saints that they already are, then we can be sure that it is God working in their lives. It is not miracles that will impress the world to the degree of faith. It is walking as Jesus did. Those who followed the miracles of Christ left when it got hard. Those who followed him stayed.

So do I need to go out and buy some oil that’s mass-produced in a factory somewhere and given a spiritual name to sell? No. Neither do you. You and I have the Scriptures and the example of Christ and the fellowship of one another. This is all we need in order to start our goal of Christlikeness.

I’ll take that over miracle oil any day.

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